O My Beloved Swami ji,

Sat-sat Naman to your Divine Lotus Feet!

A very very Happy Birthday Dear Lord!

I have never met you in person but your grace has changed my life’s perspective forever and it still shaping. I don’t know how you found me because nobody can find you until you wish so.

I am not a good reader and don’t even remember to have finished reading any book completely except my Course Book (that too selectively, :), but one  book which I read twice is “If Truth Be Told“. This book has changed it all and the process continues. Your books, discourses, blogs are the greatest gift to the society and the mankind ever.

I really offer my gratitude to My Vishnu Prabhu Srinath Murari.

I wish ourselves a very happy happy birthday as we all took birth in you. we are just a tiny part of your cosmos.

All Glory to You My Lord!