Once again the similar news came. A girl of nineteen years old , named as Manisha Valmiki  was assaulted and abused brutally by four men in U.P. News said that the girl was a dalit and the men were belonging to upper caste. The assault was so heinous and brutal that the doctors said the girl was admitted in a very critical condition.Her spinal chord was broken;neck twisted and legs broken and tongue was cut off.. Finally the innocent flower  left this world yesterday after battling for life in  hospital. Really….is it a joke? Where are we now? Are we developed? Where is hope?  So we are the victim s of  a male dominated society or is it a man’s world ?Which one is more appropriate? I really do not know the answers. But it  feels sick. A kind of loneliness is there. Today in this short post i will not say to become positive or  hopeful. Because i truly believe that it is a great responsibility and it requires much more power to say. I am not that powerful.  I believe that great souls like Jesus Christ, Budhha, Mahavir ,Om Swami ji should be there in this world. Otherwise it will be difficult to breathe. I feel so helpless. I also think why Lord Krishna or Maa kali are not coming to this earth to save women? Why ? Is it the KARMA of the dalit girl for which she paid the price? and what if it is not her karma and only an unfortunate thing? I am not going to the concept of  PRARABDH AND PRE-DESTINED IDEOLOGY. If we think in that way then why we pretend to be the law abiding citizen and fight for justice? So what we can do? Can we move on like that? By convincing ourselves that life will go on. I really do not know. It seems so scary to think in that way.

I can only say that we should be prepared for everything.For good and for bad. Our courage should not shatter.  Nothing should be taken for granted. Nothing. In this complicated world ,i am really thankful to those God incarnations like Jesus Christ, Budhha, Mahavir, and others. Otherwise things would be so hopeless.

my humble salutations to my master ,my guru , my Divine Light Om Swami

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