This was long-awaited and thought of series which I always want to write and this was way before Swami gave us this beautiful platform of

Right from my childhood, I have been hearing stories of Ram Bhakt Hanuman, and he has been an integral part of our family. Dad worshiped him only and till I remember he never missed his visit to Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday.

Let’s start the journey of Hanuman Ji in our life, in his 83 years of life dad fasted on Tuesdays from the age of 18 till 77 when due to health issues we pushed him to stop taking the fast. (Will talk about our Hanuman Bakht some other day)

So, this temple of Dakshimamurti Hanuman (South facing idol of Hanuman Ji is Placed) I am talking about is situated on NH 22 nearly 14 Km from Solan en route to Shimla at Kandaghat. The place is a tourist paradise as the chill that you find in this place even in peak summers is the reason why a lot of small roadside dhabas are here and a few years back natural water source was also adjoining the temple in the same place. (Now the water is being used to quench the thirst of people by the IPH Department).

You can stop by and order a cup of tea coffee or a plate of Maggie and just walk 50 steps to the max to reach this temple which is just a small room. The main feature of the temple is that no one exactly knows about the existence of this temple. If it is enquired from the elders of the village, the common answer is back from the time of Pandavas. This can be true as this the ground zero for the track to Karol ka Tibba which is also considered to be the place where Pandavas were hiding and the legend is that we have a cave that opens in the Pinjore Yadvendra gardens. (Legend of Lakhshagrah)

 Now it is as interesting as the temple has been re-built in the new architecture (Still it doesn’t have any electricity connection) and the only thing old is the idol of Hanuman Ji which can also not been visible as there is a lot of people who come and worship this idol.  The importance of this temple is the solitude and the vibrations that one finds in this temple. This is a temple that doesn’t have a priest to disturb or bother you and the footfall is minimal, all the time that is just you and the divine)

A common ritual that is followed in this temple is that people present Chola to the deity (in here which means that they apply the sindoor and a lot of it to the whole body of Hanuman Ji).

Trust me the divinity of this place is something unmatched but cleanliness is the issue. It is the villagers or the devotees who clean this temple whenever they get time. But the color/Sindoor is removed on Vijaydashmi and distributed to the devotees.


Request you all to stop by if you ever travel on this road.

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