One bright sunny day,

I was standing on metro station

Waiting for metro to come ….

Suddenly, one of my classmate

And his friend came….

We all boarded into the train..

There are only two seats available 

Where only two of us can sit..

My classmates asked me to sit,

But I said, we will sit there 

Where we all can sit

He was so nice that he asked me to sit,

And I’ll stand…. very courteous man

Then we got into a tête-à-tête

Where we were talking about

 Relationships and their desirable

Partners and so related topics…

There was a girl who was eager

 To get marry,

At this stage, which usually a girl

Never prefers

She wants a man

Who will not interfere in her life..

I was so astonished to listen that

Because for me..

When you are in a Relationship..

One is not living

An individual life.

Essence of relationship lies in

Sharing each other lives…

Not only one which is related

To both partners but

Also ones which are concerning

One’s individual lives…..

We have given this right impliedly

To a person, whom we love

That’s why one is with one lover

So it’s not interference, but

It’s a lovely sharing….

 Then, we came onto what,

Kinda lover one wants

For that girl she

Wants a rich, rich, a super rich man

Who can fulfil her all desires..

Emotions hardly matters for her

And my classmate

As he is boy

At first he wants a girl,

Who is beautiful and then, he said

This is practical world

One need to be practical in matters

Of love and marriage

But again for me it is a big no no ………

As for me marriage is not a contract

Where you need to be practical

It’s all about heart and soul

It’s a relationship which is made in heaven

Marriage is union of  

Two souls into one..

Marriage becomes more beautiful

When one is blessed with one’s soulmate..

And there is one of my opinions was that

I always wish a person for myself

Who is down to Earth

Discussing these things we

Reached our college and

Went to our classes


This left me wondering about

Their beliefs on marriage and

Desires of their partners..

I wish them they be blessed with good partners in their life..

Keep Smiling…Just a thought.. what your opinion the person it.😎🤗

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

P.S. Thank you os.me family for reading and encouraging me. It really fills me with warmth and confidence. keep encouraging. This is my personal opinion you may have different… all cherished..