The word “confidence” really bears a huge value. We all know a confident person can succeed more than an unconfident person. When we speak about confidence what do we mean actually? Do you think it has to do with facing a stranger in an interview or is about facing the real you? In my personal opinion, confidence is when you can express what you are feeling.

During placement or while searching for a new job, most of the times, my friends share with me how they do not have the confidence to speak. Honestly speaking, I remember the time when I decided to participate in the poetry recitation competition in school when I was in 9th standard. I had written a poem for my mom. Everybody loved that poem and pushed me to go on the stage to recite. That was my first time on stage. Oh my  god, I still remember that feeling. I was literally shivering and my throat was getting dry. I was forgetting the whole poem and I was wrongly reciting it though I was seeing the paper where I had written it. I still don’t know why the teachers gave me a consolation prize for that poem. Actually, they wanted to motivate me. That day, my stage fear decreased a lot. That prize did make a difference. 

Yes, small prizes can help in building our confidence. Sometimes, small words of appreciation also work. 

Do you know where the lack of confidence arises? I think it is due to fear. It is probably the fear of being ashamed, fear of being bullied and so on. Our minds continuously think, “What will happen if we don’t succeed? What if we don’t win?” But, in my point of view, we at least show up for something we like to do and do not run away. I think whenever opportunity knocks on the door, instead of giving an excuse of lack of confidence, we should say, “Let’s try. What is the worst thing that can happen? Probably, it results in rejection. So what?” By doing so, we at least know about ourselves and where we actually stand. We should never give up. We should always try.

You know what? We should actually face the thing that scares us the most!

So have confidence and give your best in whatever you do.

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

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