Have you all ever felt, that when you need help the most, you seldom get it?

Well, I’ve gone through this feeling since many years… until I started listening to Swamiji’s videos on Youtube..(I’ve got to thank Youtube Algorithm for that 🙂 )

And  the first video of Swamiji that Youtube suggested for me was ‘Belief in Astrology’….  

I guess I understood that maybe the purpose of those lone years with problems are not given to us by nature to carry on a cribbing, thank-less, excuse ridden life.. rather it is the Nature’s way of telling us, “Hey boy, you stop being too comfortable in your illusory security, and TRANSFORM yourself!”

Well, sometimes its better to not waste time and embrace the necessity to start taking a stand for yourself (in  the right direction and manner)..

Maybe, after all its for our own good…. Its better to trust the process instead of fighting it.. because what use is fighting against something which cannot be fought against? Quite a fruitless pursuit it turned out to be for me…

Honestly, I didn’t have this gyaan earlier, and I would not be able to ever start implementing it, unless of-course I hadn’t stumbled across Swamiji’s videos..

Comparing the photos of last year and now, I seem happier, the smile in the photographs are no longer forced.. but more natural.. 

Ever grateful for that… wbu?

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