As most of us are aware that both my parents were in tours and travel service industry ,my Grand father or as i called him lovingly Daadajee took great care on training me in mathematics ,overall personality aswell Magic! Yes my Grand father was a Magician…not professional though but quite charming among the relatives ,neighbour the t.v.or electricity mechanic who came for repairs in our house aswell local fruit vendors and milk dairy guy from where he regularly got us daily needs! Guess what he passed on his Vidya to one and only one…Kaddu of his eyes…yes yes u r right…Yours only! So today i m going to do something which is against ethics of any Magician s code of conduct..but we r the Swamily( Swamiji s family) so no secrets, no lies and no thanks among each other….So Dadaajee use to call me when some of our Murgee Guest Had come and Say …” Jamure ,tum balcony mei jaao ” in my absence he used to ask the guest his favourite Sweet ,favourite colour, favourite actor ,favourite brand of car ,favourite vegetable and favourite Restaurant! Then he use to call me with Pride” ab ye Jamura aapke dil ke raaz btaayega” so he used to ask me to turn my face towards the room s wall so that no one could say we blink or do some secret gestures ,then he used to ask ;” Jamure aunty ko kaunsi mitthaai pasand hei gulab jamun ,i said nahi , rasggula ,i said nahi ,ras malai i said nahi ,perra ,i said nahi ,ladoo i said nahi ,Cham Cham…and i used to jump and say haa haa” Now another example..uncle ka kaunsa favourite colour hei…, , ,purple no , , green and i again jumped yes yes yes! Usually the person being our Guest was flabbergasted! The smart ones though made many guesses…u say our choice at fifth place and all were there guesses but we challenged them ,give it another try ,on this occasion Dadajee spoke guests choice at no 8 and i always guessed it right! So now the Trick…or secret for our Swamily…Dadajee and i had pre decided ladoo ,magenta , fiat ,jitender and gobhi respectively as mithai ,colour ,car ,actor or vegetable choices! So what ever be any one s choice…Daadaajee will speak after our pre decided codes! But what if the person s choice is our code? Then That would be my first choice and i ll have to say yes! Try this magic of mind reading with your family and friends.
.Only u ll need a Jamoora( assistant) like me!

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