Jeevan ke sangharsh mei thak gaye they ddo nayan…..,kaise kaaanto se bharaaa hei rishto kaa ye bann. Mann ke dwara vashibhoot aur indriyo se sanchalit thaa har karam……duniya kyaa kahegi yehee thee tab sharram. Jeevan bhog tto rahe they par kyaa jeevan bhog raha thaa humei aur de raha thaa chubhan……mrig trishna see thee hridday mei ajeeb see sihran. Jabb thak gaye bhautik jagat ki chamak aur thaa humare paas chandi ,sona aur heere kaa bhee kannn..
..tabb bhee mann khojta thaa ek Maseeha jisse kardein sabb samarpan . If we ever get a chance will wash your feet with our tears of gratitude,…
Will keep our palms under your lotus feet , Swamiji you dont like to be called God but for all of us u r our Bhole bhandaare, so kind, so compassionate ,so loving..ever present, ever caring . SWAMI for those who were either students or unemployed or non financialy independent or pressed for finance due to covid ,U were so merciful to sponsor all our live broad casts ! Nikita calls u Dapper Papa and Annew calls u Bapu , all of us have a very special bond with with u ,a very unique and unmatchable one Swamiji. THANKS always Karruna nidhan. The way u created karma points and empowered those not professionally working with financial independence is beyond amazement! The way u dance with us ,the way u eat with us ,the way u go for drive with us …only a bhagt hridday can rejoice that feeling ! At each step as u r teaching us how to eat in gratitude live with a calm mindful concious aswelll over come our guilt ,insecurities ,fears and anxiety is no less than what a mother would do. AS VIPUL jee says Jai Swamiji…as Love sings your Om Swami dhun ,As each and every one of gets trippt and complete with your Presence…Swamiji lots and lots of prnaams at your pink ,precious ,softest lotus feet. It’s not easy to write or dipict bhagti publically but is a big family bound with the golden thread of your affection so could not contain my bhaav today. Humesha hridday aur seva mei rakhna Swamiji.!

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