Mere pyaare aaaloo ,aao aaj tumhari stuti kaa geet gaya jaaye….since i was a child one thing was an every day affair in our house..
Cooking of aaloo….lets call our Potato..Aaloo bhaiya…so Aloo was cooked with Gobhi, Capsicum or Shimla mirch , Gajar ,methee,Baingan ,French beans or Independently too in main course of luch! Our breakfast mainly consisted of a choice of aaloo parantha ,bread roll filled with aloo, aloo cutlet ,aloo tikki burger ,poha again with aloo pieces !,Aloo poori or Kachauri of aloo……………….My tiffin was usualy french fries ,aloo chaat or sookhe aloo with roti…..with my tummy as round as Aloo and my active sports participation as Couch potato …class mates teased me as Meera Aaloo. The side dish with main course after going back home was aloo laccha ,aloo bhujiya or alloo pakora! Evenings mostly made me hungry after a session of chhupan chhupaee and langri tang with colony friends…halwaaeee s aloo samosa ,batata wada or aloo chaat were a great rescuers that time to re energise me. As i grew a little…in age not weight and tummy measurement …i was introduced to international cousines as hash brown,Cheesy filled baked jacket potato,Wedges with exotic rosemary and oregano herbs or chilli flakes or garlic mashed potato. None of my was without potatoe chips and none of my Dosa wihout aloo filling.Aloo were the most loved in Vrats …wether I eat danhi ke allooo or aloo in danhi was a confusion I solved by eating both. There was aloo kaa cheela and aloo ki tokri to make water of my mouth drooling like cats and dogs! What a tasty treat is bhandare ki sabjee with aloo tamatar or the stylish Broccoli cheddar sloppy JOE POTATO with sour cream. For a vegetarian Potato is the only respite in most foreign lands and sea cruises. In lock down too my POTATO 🥔and its various dishes kept us smiling and alive. I might never get a chance to honour you mere Aaloo Bhaiya .

All i want to say isLOVE YA.

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