A courtyard is a flat open area surrounded by wall/building. Actually it’s a countable noun but for me it’s an amazing place that carried uncountable loving and mischievous memories of my childhood.
There was a jasmine tree rather I would like to call it bush in one corner of our aangan played very important role of Christmas tree as we used to decorate it on eve of December 25th.
There comes a first ray of sunshine and before that my grandma was there on her wooden bed called takhat done with her daily prayers and waiting for some hot kadha, calling us all out there to have that in winter mornings.
In noon I was in the aangan with a wide towel of my father in my hands thinking and planning of how to catch the cute little guriya (sparrow)as they were playing, hoping and took small flight from floor to middle high jasmine bush.. fascinating me… and after all unsuccessful efforts to catch guriya I started playing wish-amrit,pakdam- pakadi,stapo or better would call it kadkko with cousins..
On the big bright day of Diwali we were helping our elders to decorate aangan with Diyas and latter in evening there’s enjoyment of bursting crackers all together.
Now here I’m sitting in my balcony and missing my very own aangan which not only provide-ground space to play but our own sky for kite flying as well. Nevertheless at least I cherish those lovely memories of my childhood and grateful that we had that opportunity to enjoy mornings, evenings and uncountable moments of which that countable noun Aangan played the most important role without even claiming it.

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