With industrial revolution and organised sector growing since start of 20th century, many new jobs ,professions and works came into being …wherevas most of us are aware of white collared or blue collared job ( as we grow ,parent regularly remind us of it ,to study..even i tell my son the chhole bhature vendor needs an assistant to wash and serve ,if you dont study ,i ll employ u with him) , i came across a brilliant article which made me know some of the collars we had never heard , let me share…. 1.White collared ..Desk jobs of clerical staff comes in this category. 2.Pink Collared…jobs as teaching staff,baby care and beauticians usually dominated by women staff are called pink collared jobs. 3.Green Collared…Jobs associated with environment are known as green collared. 4 Red collared…Most Government jobs come in the red collar category. 5. Black Collared…Most petroleum and mining industry workers do a black collared job. 6.Gold collared job….Surgeons, Lawyers and highly professionally qualified command this category. 7.Orrange collared…prisoner labor are known to have orrange collars. 8. Scarlet Collared…The sex workers are in this category.
9.No Collared …Artists or free lanced professional who are free spirited come under this category. 10. Grey collared…Senior citizens who work even after retirement are called Grey collared. 11.Steel Collared… Robots are called so. 12.Purple Collared…Technical experts like engineers or Technically skilled workers come in this category. 13.Chrome Collared…Those who work in soft ware industry are known to have Chrome collared. 14. Blue collared…Manual workers are part if this category of professionals. Last but not the least 15. POPPED collared…Financialyrich kids working 9 to 5 just to build up their character come in this category! Did this write up help ,do write in comments and what more would u like to read about Swamily?

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