My Dear Friends ,

I want to share with you about me 🙂

This is Amruta Vinayak Sonawane from Pune . I born and brought up in Pune . I have done diploma in computer . I worked in IT industry almost more than 10 years . I have teaching experience too . I belong from middle class Marathi family . In my family My Father , Mother , Sister , Brother , His Wife and My Brother’s Son are there . Sometimes my Grandma comes to stay with us .My father was Block Educationer Officer in state government Maharashtra . My mother was in BSNL as telephone operator . My parents are retired government servent . My sister did BE in computer and she also worked in Mnc’s . In my home with love my family members call me ननू and to my sister शोनू . We have our own house properties in pune . We have our own shops . My sister has her own 2 BHK flat and recently I booked one 2 BHK flat in pune . My sister and I have taken diksha from Sri. Haribhau Niturkar Maharaj ( He has converted Shripad Srivallabh Charitramrut in Marathi Language ) and Sri. Ajinkya Chakankar Maharaj from Alandi – Pune . My sister do regular sadhana but I don’t because of laziness . I worked in Mumbai , Indore , Pune , Banglore for Job . I met to OM Swamiji when he had came to Bangalore . Swamiji had invited me to ashram for Sri Hari daity Installation but that time I could not able to go . I am eager to go to swamiji’s Ashram but I don’t have company to go there . I request , if anyone is visiting to swamiji’s ashram from Pune please let me know . I would like to join them . I think my life is settled now . I like to do Namsmaran , I like to sing devotional songs sometimes , I like to travel . Actually I don’t speak much . I always like to be in peace . I am lord Dattatreya’s devotee . I like to go lord dattatrya’s places like Kolhapur ( नरसोबाची वाडि ) , पिठापूर ( Birth place of sripad srivallabh ) , कुरवपूर ( श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ कर्मभूमी ) , गिरनार , गाणगापूर . Every Thursday I go to lord dattatraya temple . I read datta bavani and durga chalisa everyday . I like to read spiritual books . I like to attend satsang . Sometimes I like to write poems for swamiji and his devotees . Well I am not good cook but I am foodie and moody . I am emotional person and sometimes it’s hard for me to control my emotions . बाकि तो आप जानते हि है कि मैं सबसे बडि पागल हूं ❤️❤️

With love and gratitude 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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