Respected Friends,


With captaincy of poojya Swamiji, this platform has many learned and like-minded people gathering. I understood that people share their spiritual thoughts and life experiences to motivate and inspire readers. I am very much blessed to be one in the group. I want  to express my life experiences that are in line with spirituality, but friends, I promptly admit that I am poor at writing spiritual or life experiences, as I didn’t pay much attention to the related subjects and my mind always searches for science in almost everything. And this kind of writing requires gentleness, which is lacking in me.


Friends, as you all know Science and Psychology are the pedestals of our dharma/tradition/culture/rituals. In the present day, kids are losing interest and labeling our rituals as superstitious, and I want to change the label. I strongly believe that the reach of the decoded science and psychology to the kids will shift their thinking from superstitious to the truth.  Hence my writing mainly focuses on science that is linked to our Indian traditions and hoping it doesn’t put readers in spiritless mode.


I sincerely, with lots of courage, now and then try to write on off subjects too, which I am not good at, thinking it might be like a spoon of water to the ocean.


Many thanks in advance….