“How would you rate menstrual health — good, bad, average?,” questioned Sinuji at a TED talk event. 

I first heard Sinu Joseph talk  on YouTube channel Sangam Talks, on   “Menstruation Restrictions Through the Lens of Tantra Shastra”.

Sinu Joseph  is an educator who has travelled extensively across various states of India talking to adolescent girls and women about menstruation practices and  taboos. She has written two books: Ritu Vidya, Ancient Science Behind Menstrual Practices; Women and Sabarimala: The Science Behind Restrictions, which is also a chapter in Ritu Vidya.

My attempt to write about her work would be diluting it, to say the least, it’s just that I thought maybe some reader would benefit from her books and talks.

Hope you enjoy and gain from them.

Referring to her TED talk, the answer being surprisingly: India fared better.

PS: Thanks Meeraji and Medha Shriji both of you encouraged me to write on women albeit a different one. But it triggered this post which I thought was  apt on the eve of Women’s Day