The god of freedom, Proud of America brought pride to the lowly, who raised the tension of the poor .

  • – America as it is today would never have happened if he had not produced true descendants like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. From the political point of view of that country, who are these two great personalities? He had a genuine love for his country and was a sincere patriot.

About forty years before Lincoln was born, the United States was under British rule. The original inhabitants were Red Indians and most of the people coming from outside were English. These people had left their country and settled in the United States because they were fed up with poverty. One of them was Samuel Lincoln. When the United States was under British rule, the British Parliament imposed war tax on the Americans as well. The Americans had no representation in that parliament. So they refused to bow to his taxes and on July 4, 1776, complete independence.

  • God gave the sword. This day is still celebrated with great fanfare. For seven years after that day there was a war between the British and the Americans. This war of independence was fought under the leadership of George Washington. Abraham’s great-grandfather also went to war. In the end, America won. When the war ended, the explorers began looking for a place to live. During this time they had to face many small and big clashes with the original inhabitants.

Abraham’s father, Thomas Lincoln, was also embarrassed in many places in his search for a better place. His mother, Nancy, was a very good-natured woman. This well-educated and sweet-natured woman also taught Thomas to sign and started her own son’s education. One of his first daughters was Serra.

  •  They lived in a shabby wooden hut near the town of Elizabeth. Abraham Lincoln was born there on February 12, 1807. In the same hut they used to keep their stove, utensils, beds and grass. The two siblings used to climb on the back of the house at night through a bad pondsang and sleep together on a dry kite bed, to avoid frost. At times, they even began to count the stars in the rooftops. No guest entered their house. There were very few friends to meet. If there were any, they too were sitting here and there in their different tents.

Abraham’s parents spent the first seven years of their life here. Now Abraham was shaking hands. He brings firewood and firewood and supports both parents

  • Would give Father felt poor. Eventually he left the place and bought some Xerxes land across the same river. He sold the previous place and came here and encamped, making for a slum stay.

It had been only a year since I came here. An epidemic broke out and Lincoln’s mother died leaving him very sad. Her father, Wams, remarried. The woman’s name was Shelleybush, and she was the mother of three children. Ibrahim, whom they affectionately called ‘Abbey’, obeyed every step of the stepmother and she too fell in love with him. At that time I started reading a lot here. He did not go to school, but he had developed a passion for learning with the inspiration of his mother and some by asking you, some by asking me.

  •  Sometimes he would sit down and ask questions on two wooden sticks and carve idols with coal. He also loved animals and considered hunting cruel. Once a rat got stuck in a crack in a hill. Lincoln and his comrades tried hard, but could not get out. Finally, Lincoln ran away, took a spear from a blacksmith a mile away, and killed the rat. This work took him about three hours.

Abraham was a young man six and a half feet tall. He was a strong, courageous, hard-working young man. He did not leave the house for 19 years. Once he got a chance to go out to sell the goods of a big landlord. The work was short-lived. So he returned soon after. He remained there for two more years and came to Illinois at the age of 21. He built a house with his father. Bhidi prepared by plowing 15 rounds of

  • Lincoln remained in illinois until he became President of the United States. Previously employed as a trader named Off. Gradually, the care of a merchant fleet was entrusted to him. It was a traveling job, but Lincoln served diligently and honestly.

 It was on this trip that Lincoln first saw the condition of slaves with his own eyes. I saw Negroes being sold together in chains. I also saw her tied to a pole and killed. I even saw blood flowing from their backs. For the people, it was a trivial matter, but in Lincoln’s heart, he was determined to get rid of this cruel rite of passage. Lincoln did not have much success in business either. Eventually, he joined the army. He also fought with the Red Indians. But he soon left the military.

  • When he returned from the Army, the Illinois Parliament was being elected. He also stood for the pulpit and lectured for ten days. He did not get elected but his friends became big and he became one of the great lecturers. After the election, he suggested becoming a blacksmith. Partnered with a man. The partner was so careless that both became indebted. The companion died shortly thereafter. The store closed, and all the debt fell on Lincoln. Lincoln is now the postmaster of Newslim. There was little work. During this time he read a lot about history and newspapers. Then the surveyor remained. In this way his condition improved.

It was no less difficult than a ravine and a mountain valley. He failed miserably in the parliamentary elections, as he had not done before, but he did not give up. People had made progress, and he still had work to do.

  • He was convinced that there was a lot of space at the top. He wanted to reach the top. For an honest and courageous person, who can think for himself and who has confidence in himself, there is always room. No power in the world can stand in the way of a person who sincerely wants to serve his country. Lincoln knew that the first step in serving the country was to become a strong worker, citizen.

Now, when the time comes for re-election, he stood for membership again and this time he succeeded. At the end of his two-year term, he was re-elected. He was a member of the Illinois Parliament for eight years. After that he did not do any political work for four years. He was re-elected to the US Congress. During this time he joined forces with his friends to build up the power against the slave trade. Member of Parliament from 1845 to 1849. In 1849 he applied for a government job. Don’t know why? But fortunately for the country, he did not find a job. From 1849 to 1854 he lived in his own Springfield and passed that bar. In a short time, he became a top lawyer.

  • There was plenty in the south. The rich lived in the south and were enslaved. An agreement was reached in 1850 called the Missouri Agreement. Accordingly, a leak on the map of the United States, called Mason and Dixon Leak, was drawn. Slavery could never be to the north. Douglas, the leader of the Democratic Party, introduced the Kansas Saka Bill in 1854, which meant that the people of Kansas could decide for themselves whether they wanted to be enslaved or not. The bill concludes that for the first time in the North, a strong faction formed against the Democratic Party, which was pro-Southern, named itself the Republican Party, and Lincoln became its leader. 

The party said that the Congress, which is the joint assembly of all the United States and includes representatives of all the states, has the power to decide whether slavery is legal in a particular state or not. Also, according to the Mussoorie agreement, Kansas was to the north. The northern ones were still not closed and were torn apart. In the 1856 presidential election, a man from the South was re-elected. If the North had no choice but to choose a wise man, Lincoln would have been chosen. Four years later, in 1860, elections were held again, which is significant in American history. This time the Republican Party prevailed and Lincoln was elected president.

  • Lincoln had two purposes. One is to let slavery fly from the south, the other is to let the north and the south stay together. That is the power. He was elected president in November 1860, but took the presidency in February 1861. At that moment, some of the southern states split and the union split. Lincoln

The question now is, do the few people in an organization have the right to secede whenever they want? ” In the end, the Southerners went to great lengths to seize government strongholds and start a war. “There was no one. He was steadfast in his pace. The British and the French wanted to obey the southern government. Their move was not much appreciated. They said, ‘We don’t like slavery, but we need cotton.’ Some other events compelled Lincoln to declare the emancipation of the slaves. He wrote the proclamation in his pocket. “As long as I am president, this fight will only continue to unite the organization. No human force can stop this insurgency without a policy of independence,” he said. Can’t wait. ” With the proclamation of the emancipation of slaves, Europeans began to sympathize with the North and cut off aid to the South.

  • The victories of the North began. Many victories were won in 1864. Then came the second presidential election, and the Republican Party unanimously re-elected Lincoln. At the time, Lincoln said, “People didn’t choose me a second time because I’m the oldest or wisest man in America.” They have chosen me with the idea that horses should not change while crossing the river. But at the same time, they have come to understand that I am not a bad horse, not even a weight.

To pick up In exchange, they may find a bad horse with me. ” This time out of 233 votes, 212 went to gender. On April 9, 1865, the General of the South laid down his arms and Lincoln died. When Lincoln went to the battlefield on April 13, the Negro slave, whom he passed by, saluted him as if he had been taken prisoner. He would stand on his knees, hug his knees and say, “Oh, Lincoln! May God keep you happy and increase you

  • April 14 was Good Friday, and it was a day of thanksgiving for those in the North. In the morning, Lincoln convened the committee. Separate parts had to be considered. Some members wanted revenge from the south and suggested that their leaders be assassinated. Lincoln was against it. He said, “If you want reconciliation and reconciliation, then let go of anger. We are not enemies of each other. We are one and it is our religion to meet the forgotten and separated heroes.

After the committee meeting, he continued talking to his son. Then he went home. A special game was arranged that night. He went to the theater with his wife. In the second half of the show, a man accidentally shot him in the head with a pistol and said, “The South has avenged itself.” The man was not found again. Lincoln died at about seven in the morning.

  • Lincoln was not only an outstanding patriot, but God made him an immortal martyr. Even as president, he did not give up. Loki wore an overcoat, but he only hit the buckle of the blanket. Truthfulness, determination and sincerity

He had special qualities.

  • He was a fierce enemy of the slave trade. Once again a man was sentenced to five years imprisonment and a fine of one thousand rupees for trading in slaves. Many well-known gentlemen prayed for his forgiveness. Lincoln replied: “One of the most serious faults in my nature is that the heart of Khima prays quickly. 

For this I forgive the sins of many bloodthirsty men. But a man who goes to Africa and forcibly captures and enslaves the people there, I consider him a criminal more than a murderer, he can never be forgiven. Even if such a person dies in prison, I do not feel sorry for him. “So this great benefactor of humanity refused to pardon him.

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