As a parent of a Special Child

Even I had woven the dreams like you all
My eyes filled with tears of joy when I got the news that I am going to be a parent of a doll
At times, I wanted a boy
Who will bring lots a joy
At times, I felt like telling God to send me that little sunshine
Who will smile and make my world divine
Boy or a girl, just let my child be healthy
Let love flow through them which will make me wealthy
By every passing day
My joy was glowing like a ray
The day arrived, and little one stepped in
My child didn’t cry for a while
We were enveloped in our happiness
Doctor asked us to meet her
We went in with all smiles
But Doctor was worried
She told us to observe milestones of my baby
And then…
What we observed that milestones were delayed
And one day…we got to know our child was Special
How can it be? Where we went wrong? Why God let it happen to us? Why such a child only to me? What to do? Where to go?
We were shaken completely
We cursed that Almighty day and night
Our tears refused to dry
If something happens to us, then who will look after my child?
Questions were never-ending
Those who were seemed to happy slowly started talking behind us silently
“My God! Such a child. They must have done something wrong. It’s a curse to have such a child.”
No one tried to understand us
Even we were struggling with acceptance
The child was ours, and whatever it is, we loved him from the time he stepped in the womb
We went everywhere for the cure
You name it, and we were there
Slowly we started realizing that he is born with a condition
World may not accept him, but we will be there
His innocence, purity made our heart melt
But heart used to cry in agony, can’t express how we felt
We started getting used to his world
And his world became our world
We started broaden our vision
and realized we are not the only ones
There were many parents who had struggled like us for the acceptance
And when acceptance came, it came with an assurance
Life is not going to be same now
But we will never give up
We will stand by him, and now we won’t cry
And will never ask God…why, why
God has put so much trust on us
By giving these pure ones to us
My Special One has come to teach me the true meaning of life- which is nothing but LOVE ALONE…..