She accepts Her child if they are dirty or hungry or filthy or beautiful

She never discriminates!

What a comforting feeling!

What an overwhelming feeling!!

She accepts you however you are!!!

Sweet sweet Mother 

How could these limited words

express our immense gratitude for Your love !?

At times in my imagination 

With a certain longing in my heart

I imagine Her Soothing beautiful moonlit presence 

I hold out my hands

clinging to the silvery white in awe

teary eyed because of overflowing love and relief

at finally having realized that despite everything 

She is still so close

Sometimes the unworthiness is strong 

and I loose my grip

Is it my foolishness that I visualize 

Her holding me by my hand and 

Taking me along while I stare wide eyed and in awe?

 I couldn’t say!

I don’t doubt Her immense Grace and Love

How could I…. What is there if not Her Love ❤️

What’s more She is like that for You and me!

With a heart filled with Gratitude and Love 💕 

PS: This poem I have left as is…. as it came from within. It is only an expression of my feelings. Enjoy!