My relationship with my son,was a turmoil last two years .Getting worse.There was anger,sadness,grief,tears,you name it I went through.In short I was breaking down.All I had was my 

prayers to my guru,to god,I would talk all my daily issues to my guru in my mind.

With the help of my daily practise,my black lotus,my japas,and by the grace of my my guru.

A new me I could see.I had stopped reacting to my son.What I learnt I started implementing.

1,any argument I would not react but get up.He would be unkind I still would not react.I started

sending love and light to him every day.I started respecting his space,his decisions,even if I felt he 

was wrong,I would tell myself that’s my point of view,he is unique like all humans are.

I started accepting him.The way he is .

He was the same,but in me I had shifted .It was grace of my guru only and somewhere I would give 

credit without any ego humbly,I worked very hard and with discipline on myself.

He is young ,as all aggressive,ego,but that’s him.And I was getting more within myself.infact complete

in myself,closer to prabhuji.

Life for me was all about being kind,to not my son to son never appreciated me.But I would pat myself ,tell myself my I am doing ok.My expectations were getting less.

And yes with each passing day there was peace with him at home.He would just sit with me ,that was 

enough for me.Mother after all,like all mothers.unconditional love.

I thank my guru with whose grace alone,and ma I am getting there to a new me.I started focusing the 

good in him,and letting go of what I thought was not ok.

To sum it I changed myself and all changed.

humbly .