When you sit silently with nature it gives you wisdom beyond words….❤️

🕉️A rainbow never complaints about its colours,it accept all of them with love,that’s why it’s so beautiful and graceful. But when life throws the colours of challenges, obstacles we say that no no we don’t need this colour of life, we want only the colours which we personally like and in wanting the particular colours, we personally like we loose our true nature and awareness and hence we suffer.so a rainbow  taught me that when we accept all the colours of life with love and face all the situations with courage rather then giving up then we also become beautiful and graceful like a rainbow.

It all comes down to “जाहि विधि राखे राम, ताहि विधि रहिये” how god’s wants us to live,we should live that way,that doesn’t mean that we don’t give our best or that we don’t try, that simply means we do our best without wanting the particular outcome which we desire.If it’s in our favor we win,if it’s not in our favor then surely “राम” wins and if he wins automatically we win,so it’s a win win situation.

So be like a rainbow my friend, accept all the colours of life with love and compassion.Become better with the different colours of life not bitter.May mahadev grace be with everyone love and light ❤️🕉️🙏😊



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