On the 14th of May, 2021, I took a Sankalpa of 100 days, till the 21st of August, 2021.

What was the Sankalpa you may ask?

I will study for 12 hrs every day for the next 100 days.

Before I start with this 100 days journey, I do want to share a little back story about my experience with my previous uncompleted Sankalpas. I took my first Sankalpa right after finishing reading “A Million Thoughts” where I first came to know about the practice. The Sankalpa was that I meditate for 40 days, 10 minutes a day. I could maintain the streak for 31 days but the 32nd day was unsuccessful, so I fully scratched my Sankalpa and started again with a heavy, guilt-driven heart. This time the streak was 5 days. I started getting into the same cycle with each and every Sankalpa I took because, in my mind, the basic definition of Sankalpa was binary, i.e., either I complete the entire 40 days or just start all over again. My self-confidence was shattered. I stopped taking any Sankalpas whatsoever. This was the time I reached out to seek guidance here from Sadhvi Vrinda Om. Here is what she told me.

And the trick is even if you begin and break it midway, don’t give up, see it through the whole 40 days.

Although I didn’t start taking new Sankalpas immediately, I could see a ray of hope. This advice stayed in my head as it gave me a new definition of Sankalpa. This was almost a year ago. So, you can see I took my sweet time to start with my new Sankalpa again. This doesn’t mean that I was not getting any work done in the meantime though. I was, it was just without any Sankalpa, and let me tell you, with Sankalpa, the reward is much greater. Also, the journey in itself is more stable. I was trying to complete this in one post but I like my posts to be short, so now I’ll have to change the title a bit, and continue the story in the next post. I can’t believe I am able to share a story of a completed Sankalpa. I am really happy right now.