The MID: The middle 20 to 30 days. 

This phase was comparatively stable, I really enjoyed it. Knowing that I am finally getting my life back on track gave me a much-needed confidence boost. The resistance exponentially decreased and everything was easy-going. I started updating my journal once in two or three days now. This phase also had a few days(around 10) in which I was studying for 16+ hours too. I remember thinking of taking another Sankalpa at the end of this phase because I thought I had achieved what I want from this Sankalpa and what could possibly go wrong now. Eventually, I started facing a new problem which brings me to my next phase.

The END: The last 50 days.

As soon as I got comfortable with my new lifestyle, I started forgetting why exactly I was doing all this. So I went from averaging 15+ hours per day every week in the middle phase to 19 hours in total in the first week of this phase. This was the week where I didn’t study at all for 4 days and felt like everything I have achieved till now is slipping through my hands. Thankfully, my journal came to the rescue. I started re-evaluating why I was doing all this in the first place and then I read my journal from the beginning. I noticed how I felt through the different phases of my journey, from being afraid in the beginning to feeling secure in the middle phase. It gave me a much-needed reality check as well as a positive reaffirmation. I started updating my journal again. I also noticed I was over-exhausting myself, so I started giving myself a day off which was usually Sunday. I would study for 6-8 hours on Sundays and then go out with my friends or spend time with my family. I still managed to average 12 hours every week though. Allowing myself a break on Sundays was a great idea. It prevented me from not wearing out and giving up completely. The rest of the days were also smooth-going. 

Then finally, on the 21st of August, I made a report on the entire 100 days in the form of a graph. The graph was uniform for most of the time but the extent of non-uniformity decreased from the beginning to the mid and after that sharp spike in the mid, it started becoming uniform again. 

On calculating I found I averaged  12.07 hours per day. I ended my Sankalpa and gave myself 5 stars for it. I can confidently say this is my biggest achievement.

These 100 days have been my best learning experience about hard work overall. Although my mind gets easily attracted to laziness, I feel the happiest when I know I am doing something productive.

Always grateful for this amazing community!