“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

Mark Twain.

It is very easy to consider that others should treat you with love and affection, irrespective of how you treat them. If we give this option to 10 people, nearly all will choose it, but none will be willing to change themselves and start treating everyone around them in the manner they need themselves to be treated. Should we call it ego or being selfish?

Again, let’s take some examples from our surroundings:

  1. Let’s start wishing good morning while on a morning walk, do the same for at least two weeks, and one day don’t wish. See how many people wish you first; it will be 90% success.
  2. Feed the birds and see how they bother you after a few days if you are late.
  3. Take a pack of biscuits with you while walking and see how the dogs follow you when you are not watching them.
  4. Take some time and give a smile to people, and see how the atmosphere in the room changes.                                                                                                     Even the animals understand the language of love and care, and they also give you back when you love them.

So, when someone tells you to be kind and treat people with love and affection, take that point into consideration and then see how things change for you in the long run. As Swami always says, “Nature is a huge ship that takes time to take a turn.”