Are you addicted to it?

A simpler questions with too many complexities embedded in it. ‘Smoking kill!’. ‘Drinking is injurious to heath’. Some known taglines which are used to hear on regular basis. But any such shows its color when it is consumed consistently kept getting done over. 

Water is an indispensable part of a living. A considerable amount is recommended In a day. But on over consumption, water too shows a discomfort! 

Care for anybody comes with peace and harmony. Obsessions with anyone come with jealousy and insecurities. Obsessions with anything is state of pleasure zone which indirectly weakens the awareness. And leaves oneself disturbed. Smoking today wouldn’t Mar your lungs tomorrow. Drinking beer or whisky one day wouldn’t contract your kidney the day after. And neither Smoking weed going to make you stoned forever. But the issue arises when it becomes a habit and part of daily regime.

PS: I am not promoting any sort of damage triggering habit😆. Just taking compelling example for better understanding.

Smoking cigarettes regularly one day cover your lungs with a deadly trap. Drinking more than advised with set your kidneys weak someday. And Smoking weed over control will put your body in a disastrous position  someday.

If you hit gym today, you will not hit your goals next day, may be not in a month or even in a year. But keeping the motivation up hitting the gym consistently will someday make you look the way you always wanted. But doing beyond advised will surely put a negative impact on your joints and muscles.

Even Smoking and drinking occasionally come up with a beautific effects on one’s life. But still some stuffs are not advised at all Even by ancestors for a Good old cause. Simplest of all everything whose addiction is quick is kept at a distance beacuse surely chances of getting negative returns is way too higher.

Everything and anything can be beneficial if its addiction is kept aside. Kings are those who know how to keep a fine line between occasion and obsession. And art too can be achieved with some patience and practice. Practice of keeping the better one in consistence and pleasure ones in limit. 

Peace ☮

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