Oh My dear Sweet Soul/Self

The sweetness of the sweet..

You Show me the colors,
Yet remain colorless
There isnt a vision possible without You

You have given everything out of you
And all is poornatva as You are
Yet how humble you are and silent too

When i Knew You
The Me just vanished , didnt even existed before
All I was and Is , is You

Drunk with my own love
theres now no You and no Me
You experience in your reflection in me

How am i to say its me or you
Who is there to talk and whom to talk with?
Its all you my dear Self
Blessed to be drunk in You

How else am it show my gratitude
than being devoted to You
Yoga happened and all is in harmony
cherishing your nature
the sweet of the sweet
poornam Mathuram…

Vani Om Anandi

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