Niti and Sunny a young couple in their 30s became our neighbours 8 years back! Since there kids were of same age as ours soon Niti and i became very good friends exchanging exotic dishes and picking each other’s kids from bus stop in case of emergency! Since both them and us lived in nuclear set up at times market visits and house help visits co incided at same time ,so we used to give keys of each others home to one another and also share common parenting , inlaws and parents management struggles tooo. 5 years into our freindship and a lazy afternoon of Wednesday when kids had gone to drawing class ,husbands were at there work place and house help had gone after finishing their chores ,my house bell rang and i found a perplexed Niti standing outside a little disoriented! I smilingly invited her for a cup of tea with some roasted makhanaas and her diet marie buiscuits! Niti was 35 years old with wavy hair ,big brown deep eyes a wheatish complexion, a dimpled chin and a height and body well sculpted with the regular aerobics and yoga regime she followed with a rule of no dinner after 7pm ! I hurried to kitchen to get her a glass of normal water when she interrupted and said today i want to disclose something to you which i have never even shared with my shadow too,and please pray that if ever my parents ,husband or son get to know this it should be my last breath! An astonished me listened carefully looking in her Kahol outlined watery eyes with big eye lashes! What happened Niti? At this she said u might break all relationships with me hearing my disclosure but i have a big bolder on my heart and i would feel really releived if u just hear me.Please dont judge me or ever think of me as a loose character and cunning woman! I held her hands tight in both my hands and comfoorted her by saying please say what ever, i ll always be by your side! You know its been 9 years into marriage,Niti continued but i can neither hold my husband’s hand or get intimate with him physically whenever i want! I was shocked and dumb stuck at Niti s revelations! They both looked perffect made for each other pair with perffectly compatible looks , i just empathised and said does Sunny have some physical issue or is he involved outside marriage that he neglects u? No said Niti, i have time and again mentioned it to Sunny that my physical need frequency is much more than what he gives but he plays a deaf ear to my needs! The next sentences Niti told me put me in Shock weather she was characterless ,was she a cheat was she so driven by her needs that all morals died for her..
Niti said Bhabee to feel more desired and confident aswelll satisfy myself i have atleast 10 times quietly ventured out of marriage…was this one night stand? Yes said now guilt ladened Niti sad and distributed! Why do u tell this to me now Niti? Bhabee i m telling you because i want an advice on what should i do now? Love can never be forced and physical intimacy is not the only expression of love but yes it too has a major role in any Matrimonial relationship! What would be your advice to Niti dear family?