Dear stranger,

It’s been a long; we have not heard from each other. How are you doing? What’s going on in your life? Healing in the process. Don’t worry, and you will be healed with time. Just don’t be hard on yourself. It’s just an age. We grow with age. Adulting is not that easy, I know. But we must accept that now we have grown up and are adults. We are no more kids. We need to experience new us. We cannot run away from that. Heartbreaks are also good if they make you strong. Love is also good if that supports you and doesn’t stop your growth. I know we have to earn now. I know we feel lonely, and we need love too. But we avoid love most of the time because we don’t want a distraction. Don’t do that; instead, try to find a balance.

Don’t run away from anything in life. Take a pause. Give it a chance. If it suits you, then do that; if it does not, let that go. Just don’t be hard ever. Not on yourself and not on others. There is nothing wrong or right. It’s just you. If you think it’s okay, then everything is okay, and if you think it’s not, then also, it’s okay—nothing to be guilty of. Just stay happy and chill. Life is too short to sit, cry and wait. Just go with the flow. You are in 2023, buddy. So, take it easy and stay safe. Enjoy your life.

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

Image credit: The uproar