Is it possible to compile the entire Advaita Vedanta into an eight-lined verse?  Yes,  it was done by the saint in my previous post, Saint Vallalar. I have given the translation in English for each verse so that everyone can enjoy the sweetness of Advaita Vedanta as described by the Saint. I have numbered them for easy reference. If any mistake is present or if anyone knows a better translation for the below Tamil verse, please mention them in the comment, it’s most welcome! Among 6000 songs, this song is no.2139.

“தானாகித் தானல்ல தொன்று மில்லாத் 1

தன்மையனாய் எவ்வெவைக்குந் தலைவ னாகி 2

வானாகி வளியனலாய் நீரு மாகி 3

மலர் தலைய உலகாகி மற்று மாகித் 4

தேனாகித் தேனினறுஞ் சுவைய தாகித் 5

தீஞ்சுவையின் பயனாகித் தேடு கின்ற 6

நானாகி என்னிறையாய் நின்றோய் நின்னை 7

நாயடியேன் எவ்வாறு நவிற்று மாறே”. 8

Line 1: Beyond space and time, you, the SELF,  with your innate potential, became the non-SELF

Line 2: with such a characteristic, you became the foremost head of everything

Line 3: You became the sky, the fire, and the water

Line 4: you became the world for the flower to bloom and everything else as well

Line 5: you became the honey, as well as the sweetness within the honey

Line 6: you became the cause & effect of everything

Line 7: you became me, who roams in search of you

Line 8: you, having seated within me, showering your grace within to the brim, Your faithful devotee, a dog that I am, how will I ever express your greatness & grace?

As to why this particular song? Well, this song was taught to me, by my tutor Mr.Parthasarathy, a Tamil & Hindi pundit. He was my private tutor from grade I to XII. This and a few other Tamil songs I used to recite every day at the altar until I came to Sri Ramakrishna Math and learned a few Sanskrit verses.