1) Don’t judge people by what they say, judge by what they do. In most of the cases people only have whisful thinking not a burning desire to do something great. So they only yell about things and don’t take any action. 


A lot of people who has a quote “Don’t wait for opportunity , create it ” As a wallpaper on their phone are posting ludo screenshots, binge watching Netflix and Amazon Prime and playing PUBG the whole day. 


Always remember Don’t judge the people by what they say, judge by what they do 


2) The most destructive force in the universe is gossip, avoid it as much as possible. Remember Strong mind discuss ideas , average mind discuss events and weak mind discuss people. 


3) Following a healthy lifestyle saves you a ton of money. Health is wealth. You only realise this when you’re sick. With healthy lifestyle, you eat more at home and less outside. You spend less money on parties. And you spend lesser money on medicines as well. Taste is extremely overrated. Most things which are poisonous for health taste delicious. Most which are good are bland. You decide. Few minutes of taste or a lifetime of happiness of internal organs. So we can say that


Healthy lifestyle = Good Physical and mental health More savings 


4) A businessman lost everything in fire,the next day he placed a signboard near his shop “Everything burned buy luckily Vision and confidence undamaged, business starts tomorrow ” You always have most important things to achieve your goals within you . 


5) Usually in most cases, the information we gather on daily basis 95-98% of it is of no use. 

We have all the information which don’t have any direct connection with our life (Political information, celebrity gossips, social media trends, etc) And we don’t now anything about the topics which have direct impact on our life ( Knowledge and information about Health, Nutrition, Personal Finance, etc) 


So, Focus on the things which are actually important 


6) Develop a new perspective to see problems, Whenever a problem comes your way say “Thanks God, for giving me a opportunity to look inside and question What am I doing wrong? and How can I improve it? What is the best available solution for this problem? 


7) Most of the time you are facing the same problems someone had faced in the past. So there is a high probability that you can find the answer of your problems in history.


Must read Autobiographies and memoirs, it shows you how to dream big and infinitely widen your horizons. It will make you think if he/she can do, why not me. You can start we wings of fire by Dr A. P. J Abdul kalam


Advice for a 21 year old 1

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