Hello family…

I wrote my whole post and a tragedy happenedβ€”I refreshed my screen and boom, everything erased.

Sorry I was unable to read all posts from the last few days and I missed the Write Choice challenge. But I congratulate all the winners…

As I told in one of my post, I had my mid-term exams between 13th September and 18 September. We all know how it feels during exams. But this doesn’t stop here. After this, we got a mail from our Head Of Department (HOD) that we have to submit our undergraduate project, out mid-term Report by 23rd September.Wow, we had not written a single page and we had to write a 40 page long research report. But we are engineers we can do such tasks before meeting the deadline.

Successfully, we submitted our report before the deadline. But our department loves to give surprises. They issued a notice on 23rd September that we have to give our project presentation on 24th September. Once again, all group members worked together to prepare our presentation. We studied everything and we were ready to give our presentation.

Our group was last, so we asked other groups about how their presentation is going on, who are the invigilators inside, what type of questions they are asking and all. Unfortunately, all reviews we got were negative. They all said teachers are asking so many questions. We got demotivated for a while. But I encouraged them by saying that we worked hard in project, it’s not like we copied it from somewhere so we can handle this.

Before presentation I prayed to Maa. I said, “Maa we all studied for this. So, Maa please bless us with inner confidence.” 

We started presenting our ppt to faculty members. And after finishing ppt its time for QnA (Question and Answer)

Challenging part. One of the faculty members started questioning all of us. We all answered his questions. And three more teachers were still there to ask questions. 

Miracle happened right then and, boom: They didn’t ask questions and said that all questions were answered during presentation, β€œyou guys prepared it nicely, you can leave….”

We all were surprised because there were 13 groups before us and reviews were not good enough for encouraging us.

So some of the tips I’m giving to students on how to handle this:

  • See, when you are in a group you all have to contribute equally, if one of your members is not working then just ask him politely. Complaining about them with other group members is not an option. (We faced this and we asked out partner politely and he contributed.)
  • Don’t panic. Enjoy this pressure, because this is not permanent, you will learn from this.
  • As Swami says, there is no mantra which will make you intelligent or which will help you in achieving something instantly. All you have to do is g=hard work.
  • Try Pomodoro technique it always works.
  • And, at last but not the least, enjoy your weekend after a hectic week.

I’m deciding to read some story kind of novel, suggest me some….

Thank you family.

Pic Credits: Kalyaana Wellness Retreat