Today I am here, all geared up, to contradict one very very popular saying – Age is just a number……

I have first hand experiences to support me. It so happened that to travel a short distance of around one kilometer, I thought of taking a conventional, old, cycle riksha which is pulled by one person and two passengers can ride it. My daughter was also with me. First she stepped up and took a seat. In my normal, natural manner I also put my first step on it, held the side bar firmly and pushed my body up to get my self up so as to seat myself. And the unthoughtful happened. I just could not board it. Just one feet or maximum one and a half, above the road,  but my legs refused to cooperate to leap up. A pain felt in shoulder. A noticeable NO felt in legs. The body refused to complete the act of boarding a cycle riksha independently. My daughter held my arm and pulled me up and I got seated.  And the body pain remained with me for another 10-15 minutes at least, leaving me with a life long realisation that this body is now weak and old.

So, welcome old age😊😊😊. 

I was quite right when I used to say that am getting older, my body feels it, my brain also tells me every now and then when I fail to recall such easy daily use words as – whiper, or Beet root.

Today morning I was saying –

” Durga, वो लम्बा वाला… पानी हटाने के लिए…. ज़रा उठा लो…. “😀😀

Daughter helped here also and said, “क्या? ” “whiper ???”

I said, “अरे हाँ, मेरा दिमाग w पर ही अटक गया था, शब्द याद ही नहीं आया “

That day I had to struggle very hard to recall word – beet root or even its hindi word चकुन्दर. The fresh, colourful, round round was sitting on table, smiling in its full glory, and me oldy was desperately scratching my head to recall its sweet name. 😀😀.

Am sure my case is strong when I defend myself that yes age IS a number. A once robust girl, who used to do those hard exercises for warming up before starting her Judo class, was unable to ride a cycle riksha. Someone who participated in State level swimming competition at National Stadium, Delhi, way back in 1980, is surely an oldy now in 2022.😊😊😊

Age is surely a number that when increases, decreases our strength. To me getting old is one hundred percent real – physically and mentally both.

You may disagree now to agree later. 😀😀😀😀 

       ❤Jai shri hari❤

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