For the last 2 years living and working from home has been a challenge for an outdoorsy person like me. To top it all, my mother suddenly became disinterested and inactive in her daily schedule of life.

I couldn’t blame her with all the bad news that she had received during the first few months of the lockdown. She lost most of her siblings and she understood that she would never ever meet them again.

She is a person who had been brought up in a large family, had married within a large family and had been generous from the bottom of her heart. She believed in coexisting in a community and never judged anyone.

The last two years has taught me a few lessons while taking care of her. When someone becomes disinterested and dispassionate about life, it takes a toll on that person and on others.

Lesson 1: Acceptance 

Accept the fact that at one point of time we will all age and become old.

Lesson 2: Preparedness

Aging is a reality to be prepared for well ahead of time and should not be something of a surprise.

Lesson 3: Mobility

It is everything. It is all or nothing. The more you move now, the more you will be able to move later.

Lesson 4: Sarcopenia

Muscle loss hits you after the age of 30 and gets worse with age. Old age will require more protein to keep your muscles. Better to skip on the tasty comfort foods.

Lesson 5: Dementia

For those who connect well with others it can be a bummer. When others aren’t there you might not want to communicate. And when you don’t communicate your brain cells stop working.

Lesson 6: Strength Training

Better start now and continue forever otherwise you might not have the muscles or the brains to help you get along with aging.

Lesson 7: Meditation

Whether your concentration or focus gets better with it or not, all your chakras will certainly awaken and make you more capable of dealing with old age.

Taking care of her has taught me what I should not do and what I should do now so that I don’t end up like her if I live till the 70s.

When I serve her I serve the Lord and I have become much more patient, understanding and compassionate than before. I am more prepared and ready for any unexpectedness of this chaos called life.