Few years ago,our family visited a famous temple,in a nearby city.After the darshan,when we were coming downstairs, we saw a famished puppy.He was walking slowly in one direction.The shop where they sold snacks,tea etc was at a considerable distance from the temple and the puppy kept walking in the opposite direction.By the time we got down  he got lost in the crowd.I tried finding him,but could not.

Then we came out,and ordered tea,in one of the shops.While standing there,I was unable to get this puppy out of my head.  He looked so fragile.Whenever I feel powerless,what I do is, I pray,so I closed my eyes and had a conversation with the almighty,”Dear lord,we will be leaving this place in sometime,I may never see that puppy again,but make sure,someone feeds him everyday,may your grace shower on this helpless child of yours,I trust you.” When I opened my eyes,I saw the puppy slowly walking towards me.This was unbelievable,first he was weak and also limping(that it is how I realized he is the one,I saw sometime back).Secondly,he walked in the other direction,how could he reach the shops,in such less time? And the best part,he came and stood right in front of me! There were so many people around,yet like we had some unspoken agreement, he looked at me with hopeful eyes, I smiled and immediately bought a packet of biscuits,he gulped it with relish.There was a puddle of water nearby and he drank water,from there.I felt happy.

This was a very small incident,yet it made me think a lot.First my firm belief,that sincere prayers are answered was affirmed.Secondly I had a realization then and there,that the divine works through us,his children.There are many who question,if god really exists,why so much suffering in this world? I too have contemplated on this .Though I am yet to find a completely convincing answer to this question,I believe that we have to deal with both our good and bad karma(guru’s grace can reduce the negative effects for sure).It was replaced with a more powerful question,what are you doing as an individual,to reduce the suffering of others?How are you contributing,to make this world a better place? Since individuals are the ones that make up society,and that in turn makes this world,so yes,as we change for the better,the world gradually changes for the better!

 An acquaintance casually tells you,he is looking for a job,if you know some vacancy let him know.You do not know his condition,he is sincerely praying,this  source of income is important for his family.You get to know of a vacancy,you give him a call,he applies and gets selected.He is immensely grateful to you,for you it was a simple call,for him it was an answer to his sincere prayers!From a simple shoulder to cry,listening without judgements,to huge  monetary help/donations,every  act of kindness matters.In this way,you become an agent of the divine,and since the lord is extremely generous,he will give you rewards.An unparalleled joy,will fill your heart.More importantly,whenever you are looking for some help ,he will,arrange his other agents to ensure,you get timely assistance.Amazing isnt it?So start small,if you haven’t already,but do not stop there.Like the saying goes,charity begins at home,so start in your immediate sorroundings,but let it not end there! 

Kisi ki muskurhato pe ho nisaar,kisi ka dard mil sake tho le udhaar,kisike vaaste ho tere dil me pyaar…Jeena isi ka naam he!😊

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