A true story

   We are very grateful to God that we took birth in this pious country BHARAT where many great saints took birth .Among them one is great saint Mahatma Gandhi who’s real name is Mohandas karamchand Gandhi. Today we are celebrating his birthday on 2nd October .

  I remember the time when I took a Sanskrit subject and was not able to learn an essay on Mahatma Gandhi that was in Sanskrit language. One of my friends helped me in learning it and when I now  remember it , A Smile always comes on my face. I feel thankful to that friend who took so much effort that after 6-7 years I am able to remember all the lines.Thanks to my friend ,i want to share the same with you on this great day .

Mahatma Gandhi Bharatiya Ek maha    purush asset .

  Tsaya  janma 1869 Tamey varshe Gujarat Pradeshe , porbandar nagre abhavat .

  Sa porbandare prarthmik shikshaye alabhat . 

Sa Uuch shikshaye Aangal Deshe agachat. 

Aangal deshe BARRISTER  iti upadhi  praptayam sa bharat aagata . 

Bharat aagata sa swadeshe  swatantra taya prayatna sheel abhavat .

  Sa asahyog Andolan SATYAGRAHA Akhrot . 

Sa bahuvare karegare akshipan . 

Tasya prayatne bharata swatantra bharat . 

Vayam tame sarvey namamey

These lines were dictated by our Sanskrit teacher .They were  very nice and a good teacher.  


Mahatma Gandhi was a great man of Bharat. He was born on 2nd October 1869 in Gujarat Pradesh ,Porbandar nagar . He took education from porbandar . For higher studies he went abroad where he  got Barristar upandi and went back to Bharat .  When he came to Bharat he  fought for the rights of Indians and to make Indian people independent without violence . Then he started SATYAGRAHA but a few were in support of this andolan . In the fight for the rights of Indians  he was imprisoned many times .  But after a long suffering and pain Mahatma Gandhi was successful in making India Independent. We all thank the great personality for such a kind heart .

    Author – Luv Sarpal👍