Tall, majestic, beautiful and glorious, this well rooted tree, tucked in a far corner of the huge Himalayas, what chance did Ajha have to discover it? Based in the US, he always longed for that one connection with his true self, yet the search went on for years. He sat for hours, looking at birds, Nature and the ocean. That mesmerizing sound of the waves crashing or the serenity of the night sky, all brought him solace. Yet Ajha hadn’t found the essence which would shake his soul.

Year after year, he lived by. Until one fine day, while browsing the web, he stumbled upon a short reel of a tree. Yes, a tree. That tree. The sound of its leaves ruffling to the soft breeze, and the way it swayed. It shook him out of his senses, for it was not an ordinary tree. Majestic, oak-like, to the unprepared, this tree was perhaps just that- a tree, but to Ajha, the energy it exuded, and the sound he heard, spoke to his soul:

“I have to find this tree! What is this and where can I find it?!”

Month after month, he searched and searched, in his quest for the Majestic treasure, for he knew his life would change. There were no stories about an unusual tree, but they said it bloomed once every 5000 years, with white flowers, which were edible and the taste was as sweet as nectar. As he climbed the last summit of the Himalayas, where the tree was tucked, Ajha could finally see an outline of the Majestic tree. He reached there after his long search, from the unknown, with an invisible pull, as if the tree itself led the way there.

As he walked towards the tree, it seemed far away.


He jumped in surprise and awe. The tree was suddenly within arms’ length, so close to Ajha!

 “Omg I know you! Since eternity. Who are you?!” He said to the tree, which was emanating a radiance only visible to Ajha.

 “I wish I had some flowers to offer, you, oh glorious tree. And some water to feed your beautiful roots. I feel such solace, my soul is fulfilled. You are all I ever sought, I am here. Oh my mighty one, you reside in this oak tree, we unite today. The outer world may seem the same, but what’s happening within me, only you know!” 

As soon as Ajha uttered those words, flowers and a can of water appeared, magically. This was the wish-fulfilling tree. Yet many others also came, without having their wishes fulfilled. What was so special about Ajha?!

“I wish I could sit and have a meal with you, under your shade, oh my mighty friend!”

And of course, the most lavish meal appeared, and Ajha named his long lost soul-companion, Hridy. His heart was bubbling with an unknown feeling, yet he couldn’t say he had a heart either, because he lost himself completely.

“Oh Hridy! You found me. You led me here to you. You have been here eternally. I may come and go, die or live, yet you are always here…waiting for me, for us.”

And that’s what made Ajha the special one – his unending love for Hridy, life after life. As a result, Hridy became his wish-fulling tree, for, Hridy is available to those who seek her, in sincerity, love and with belief in the unseen.