When I was in class five, my uncle gifted me an alarm clock. He came back to India after spending six years in Toronto.  I was clearly confused about how to make full use of it. The alarm clock means I have to get up early. I told my mom,’ It was a whole piece which can disturb my inner peace. My mom continued to tell me about the beauty and usefulness of the  clock.I was not convinced. I said, “But mom I am hungry, how can I use this alarm clock at meal time?My mother seemed to pay no attention and said, …”But you have  Zero choice, you have to use it properly.” I was frustrated and said, ” Mom, I never liked you and I always will.” My mother said , that was seriously funny. you have to make full use of it. I said, “Mom, this alarm clock is going to give me beautiful pain. My mom changed her emotion, “You always give me sweet sorrow. Now the only choice is we will collectively use it. I will keep it with me . And whenever required… I will wake you up by setting an alarm.”

Oh, this was a happy ending. I won’t have to get up early in the morning daily.

PS  Today Medha Ji gave us the challenge to write on ALARM CLOCK. This prop was suggested by the youngest participant Devansh.In the writing session, Medhaji gave us Oxymorons by speaking out words at regular intervals. we have to immediately incorporate those phrases.I have highlighted them in bold.

Thanks and regards