Aren’t we all fed up with the same conspiracy theories? Now the ancient Hindus in India knew all along about avatars or conscious reincarnations. It was sort of transferring a small amount of power into a human body so that it is above the simple capabilities of humans, in a super human genre, but still human. 

Why avatar? Why not do the thing in the original godly body? Why come as Ram or Krishna when Vishnu himself could descend?

See, there is something called- dimension. Our world is three dimensional. Now where are the one and two dimensional worlds? Are you still with me here, I will explain. Two dimensions would be flat, flat as a straightened sheet of paper. If you could see something, let’s say it is a circle, it would be a straight line. If you wanted to see a circle you would see it as a straight line which starts short or small which would keep increasing while being small again. See you like the hieroglyphs flat humans.

Hari Om