A divine welcome to beautiful souls!

Divine love flows into our lives when we surrender personal will to something greater.

Deeper the love, the greater the devotion. I say it with conviction in my heart that Love is God. Love is the most beautiful emotion which is beyond description. As it is difficult to define God in words, so is love, undescribable. He is avarnaneey and achintya.. he whose glory is immense and cannot be explained in words. We all feel the joy that the heart experiences upon finding what we love and what speech can never describe. Yeh toh anubhav hi kar sakte hai. This is what we can only feel and experience in life. Something which only the soul can feel within. And a love that can be expressed externally, is still yet to feel the bliss of Divine love.When a devotee is in love with Bhagwan, devotion magnifies manifold. The divinity of bhav is such that it engulfs the devotee in all aspects. Love for Bhagwan remains the only thing he desires in life. For beloved Bhagwan in love, he is willing to forsake all in love, in devotion. Such is the state of bhakta whatever he does, he does for God. He performs daily activities, be it working or singing, eating or anything he does with remembrance of Bhagwan in heart. His conduct is emitting the warmth of devotion slowly lighting the heart of everyone who crosses his path. Brimming with joy and happiness, his charm is so pure that wherever he goes on the planet, he showers the warmth of divine love everywhere.

The Divine Love is, in fact, “THE GREATEST THING IN ALL GOD’S UNIVERSE AND NOT ONLY THE GREATEST, BUT THE SUM OF ALL THINGS, FOR FROM IT FLOWS EVERY OTHER THING THAT BRINGS PEACE AND HAPPINESS.” (Vol. I, p. 36) It is the only aim of the human race to be happy and live in peace. For most part of life, people are hopping from one thing to another, just for the sake of searching that happiness and bliss which brings joy to their heart. But one thing they forget that the bliss they are searching for is innate in themselves. The only thing is to take steps to move inwards, because it is the only place where Bhagwan resides i.e. your heart. If made an attempt to glorify inner self by shedding the limiting beliefs. It will lead to transformation that will purify ones being in a manner one cannot even fathom. To experience divine love, one must be transformed in order to be capable of feeling that joy; it must become strong and pure. To contain the bliss of divine love, a devotee gets purified slowly and slowly to find beloved in heart.

Jesus teaches: “… THE DIVINE LOVE IS THAT LOVE WHICH BELONGS TO OR IS A PART OF GOD, POSSESSING HIS NATURE AND COMPOSED OF HIS SUBSTANCE, AND WHICH WHEN POSSESSED BY MAN TO A SUFFICIENT DEGREE, MAKES HIM DIVINE AND OF THE NA­TURE OF GOD. To put it simply, a devotee when in love with the divine must have the strength to love the divine alone with all his heart breaking all material bonds of this physical world. And just completely immersed in remembrance of the divine in every moment of life. While having one pointed thought of Bhagwan alone in heart is surely a beautiful sign of a devotee who has emerged out of the shackles of bond that tie him down. Remembering God in each moment submitting each breath and believing it to be the will of God, brings detachment to the mind and helps overcome the tendencies that engulfs mind. Once the mind starts to shed its vrittis (tendencies) there is the beginning of expansion of consciousness. To see this change in consciousness one finds a lot of things happening in their inner world which he has never seen before. With each passing day, the mind is becoming pure and humble and finding freedom from the tendencies of mind. One starts to find balance and harmony in the waking world and is filled with calm and peace in self. Divine Light and Knowledge finds place in his being and consciousness transforming him beyond measure which cannot be fathomed. It’s divine consciousness which encapsulates the entire being of devotee. 

To think of divine love it would be incomplete if we do not eulogize the love of Radha Rani towards Krishna. She is the haladini Shakti of Shri Krishna, who walked through this planet and loved Bhagwan from her entire being. Her love for Krishna is eternally pure and beyond comprehension in words. She is the epitome of loving Bhagwan in its Mahabhava, meaning thereby, when lover and beloved becomes one, in this state their remains only beloved and existence of lover merges into the being of ultimate Bhagwan, such a feeling of Shri Radha is a unique expression of the purity of her love and surrender to Bhagwan. The beauty of being in divine love is something which only the heart can feel. Where there is no desire, not even the desire to meet the Beloved, but to enjoy his feelings even in solitude has become the absolute state of His form. Because there is no distance between the lord and devotee. Shri Radh Rani love is supremely pure and bright. When Shri Radha Rani is deeply immersed in remembrance of beloved Krishna forgetting about everything in the material world, even to the extent that she is so lost in thinking that she forgot performing her basic necessities. Seeing her state one of the Gopis implored what’s the reason behind this state of her. To this Radha Rani expressed dear friend, I will try to tell you about my state in words. I don’t think that I can tell what I am feeling, but I will express it to you. Oh! Dear friend..listen the uniqueness of love of Shri Radha Rani in her own words below:

हुआ समर्पण प्रभु-चरणों में जो कुछ था सब, में, मेरा।

अग-जग से उठ गया सदा को चिरसंचित सारा डेरा।।

मेरी सारी ममता का अब रहा सिर्फ प्रभु से सम्बन्ध।

प्रीति, प्रतीति, सगाई सबही मिटी, खुल गये सारे बन्ध।।

प्रेम उन्हीं में, भाव उन्हीं का, उनमें ही सारा संसार।

उनके सिवा, शेष कोई भी बचा न, जिससे हो व्यवहार।।

नहीं चाहती जाने कोई, मेरी इस स्थिति की कुछ बात।

मेरे प्राणप्रियतम प्रभु से भी यह सदा रहे अज्ञात।।

सुन्दर सुमन सरस सुरभित मृदुसे मैं नित अर्चन करती।

अति गोपन, वे जान न जायें कभी, इसी डर से डरती।।

मेरी यह शुचि अर्चा चलती रहे सुरक्षित काल अनन्त।

रहूँ कहीं भी, कैसे भी, पर इसका कभी न आये अन्त।।

इस मेरी पूजा से पाती रहूँ नित्य मैं ही आनन्द।

बढ़े निरन्तर रुचि अर्चा में, बढ़े नित्य ही परमानन्द।।

बढ़ती अर्चा ही अर्चा का फल हो एकमात्र पावन।

नित्य निरखती रहूँ रूप मैं, उनका अतिशय मनभावन।।

वे न देख पायें पर मुझको, मेरी पूजा को न कभी।

देख पायँगे वे यदि, होगा मजा सभी किरकिरा तभी।।

रह नहिं पायेगा फिर मेरा यह एकांकी निर्मल भाव।

फिर तो नये नये उपजेंगे ‘प्रिय’ से सुख पाने के चाव।।

The above verses from Shri Radha Madhav Chintan deeply conveys the Nirmal bhav of Radha Rani, where she has sacrificed all for beloved. And what remains is the only bond with Prabhu. Similarly, In love of Bhagwan a devotee surrender all at the lotus feet of Bhagwan. For him what remains is the happiness of beloved Bhagwan. It is surely a beautiful sign that when a devotee has reached this state, all bonds of the world don’t bind him and he is freed from the shackles of life. Deeply rejoicing in the ekaki bhav, means that he is completely in love with Bhagwan, he is his entire universe. Beyond him, nothing in this world bothers him. He sees nothing, each thought, each moment is spent in remembrance of Bhagwan and thinks that any moment which is not spent in remembering Bhagwan is a moment lost and wasted. When there is so much of love in heart, he reaches the state of pure love where Bhagwan and bhakta become one.Devotee then lives in the constant Ananda (bliss), he becomes the being of light, constant bliss flowing through his heart. For him the darshan is not far to find. It is true that one can find Bhagwan with devotion the same way it is also possible and true that when you love Bhagwan with all your being, Bhagwan blesses you with himself. As is true for Radha Rani, her love for Krishna is so immense that she became the epitome of love and became Krishna himself. 

Whatever I express, it seems much less to express divine love, it is the divine alone who can express what divine love is. He is ever loving, full of bliss. He is Ananda himself filled with eternal beauty. This creation of lord is beautiful and he is Madhur (Sweet). You and I are all sweet. We all are part of the forever sweet lord Madhuradhipatay..The following verses beautifully conveys the sweet bhav of love towards Bhagwan. 

मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम्।’ 

‘मधु वाता ऋतायते मधु क्षरन्ति सिन्धवः, 

माध्वीर्नः सन्त्वोषधीः मधुमत् पार्थिवं रजः’ 

सर्वत्र मधु-ही मधु है।

भगवान में अनन्य प्रेम ही वास्तव तें अमृत है, वह सबसे अधिक मधुर है और जिसको यह प्रेमामृत मिल जाता है, वह उसे पाकर अमर हो जाता है। लौकिक वासना ही मृत्यु है। अनन्य प्रेमी भक्त हृदय में भगवत्प्रेमी की एक नित्य नवीन, पवित्र वासना के अतिरिक्त दूसरी कोई वासना रह ही नहीं जाती।

Exclusive love in God is the real nectar, it is the sweetest and the one who gets this nectar of love, he becomes immortal after having it. The traces of cosmic love cease to exist in his consciousness. There is no other desire left in the heart of an exclusive loving devotee except the ever-serene, pure desire of a love of God. Finally, love is God and God is love. Aur jyada kya kehain..jitna kaho utna Kam lagta hai.🙏 On a beautiful note allow me take your leave with a beautiful bhajan eulogizing the Sweet Bhagwan, immerse yourself in sweetness personified with this bhajan.😊

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In this post I focused on beauty of divine love ..to have this bhav of love which can only be achieved with the grace of Bhagwan alone. It is only after the maturity of devotion that one progresses on the path of param Prem (pure love). In my next post, I will focus on how to increase devotion and love in heart and what are the signs that show you are walking towards Bhagwan. Till then immerse yourself in the divinity of Bhagwan, for Bhagwan alone with love. ❤️

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Neelam Om