Like a maiden 

hidden behind 

tulip-beds of different dyes and shapes

peeping from the crowd

that surrounds Your mighty form

I quiver for a beautiful dawn

will You O munificent Lord 

care to gaze 

before I’m torn apart ?

my shrill voice 

and loud cry 

is meek now 

yet, it echoes through all the elements, earth and air 

You’ve taken too long !

Your searing looks 

I now crave 

Your smile so dazzling 

the proudest woman 

falls prey 

I envy the grass 

they grow so lush and thick 

from excitement at the touch of Your feet 

eyes streaming with tears 

that freeze on my hazy cheeks

I seek reasons… 

Why don’t You help me surrender ? 

dejected, disheartened

I turn to You, O Mother, 

ever so compassionate 

serene and safe 

please rid me of all these aches 

O Mother 

enrapture me with a casual touch of Your hand..

like little bells 

tie me to Your anklets 

weave me in Your raiment

submerging all signs of my lament.. 

O Mother,

I lay my burdensome head now

let it be forever bowed

 resting at Your Beautiful Holy feet…. 🙇‍♀️🌸💕

All glories to my graceful Master and Mother Divine !!