So far yet so near,
A breath brings You closer
Yet, if those thoughts are, you are not.

All in All, You are in it All
Yet my All is dispersed

In the spaces
between my words,
 between the music, between the days
Those spaces,
You exist in them
They are nothing but You

In anger, You are not
In joy You rejoice
And in emptiness, too, You are all there is.

The bliss we long for,
O my soul,
You also long to be known

I think of others,
I leave You all alone
What about You then?

My love and Your love long to meet
Is it possible?
All in All
So far yet so near

P.S: To tell you the truth, I need to find some more words before I can post this poem:)
Just now, I was listening to this beautiful song, 10,000 reasons, which also inspired this poem. So let me share it with you all, maybe you’ll enjoy it too:)  The energy and devotion in it is absolutely amazing.

Here it is. Hope you enjoy it too:)

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