In a seminar, the lecturer showed an image of a father pulling a teenager by his collar and dragging him back.

“How would you react to the scene of a father using violence on his son?”

Most of the participants said that no parent should have the right use force on a child hence that behavior cannot be accepted.

After getting all the responses, the lecturer then explained that in the scenario that you see, the teenager is on drugs and is trying to cross the road in that unawareness. The father is pulling him back and when the child resists on running away, the father even slaps him to awaken him.

He then asked the question one more time “now what do you say?” and most of them said the intention of the father was right even if you have to use a little strictness or force to stop a certain behavior, it is justified in this scenario.

I don’t endorse violence especially when it comes to bringing up children as using reasoning helps in congnitive growth.

Yet the intention matters more than the action.
Some parents never scold their children in hope of winning favor and end up spoiling them.

When someone uses harsh criticism on you, please learn how to see the intention beyond the words rather than getting offended just by the action.

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