Today your chi-cheeks

feel more pink than usual,

Today your ah-eyes

carry more compassion than usual,

Today your in-skin

glows brighter than usual,

Today your sandal wo-wood 

fragrance smells stronger than usual.


Did I do something good, Maa?

Or have I been less bad today?

Or are you just happy

looking at your naive child

who’s asking nothing of you,

but to just sit by your

soft-majestic feet 

and sing your glories!


Or is it some kind of blessing

that you just showered upon me?

That these long lost tears of joy,

struggling amidst all the noises of the world,

have welled my eyes up again!


My limited mind has reached 

upto no reason for 

if you actually do bless me?

So I question your presence

I question your blessings 

time and again

and again!


This heart,

so possessive and ever-demanding

of your love,

of your undivided attention,

gets agitated seeing 

your overflowing love for all those

who come to you.


I don’t feel special.

I don’t feel that I am your special child, Maa!

Am I?

I know I am not!


But my heart longs for more,

for even more

for all of you.


You have blessed this flawed little girl, right?

You have accepted her

with all of her darkest vices,

slowly dissolving them into nothingness

with your ever healing light of love.


Am I right, Maa?


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