Have you ever been in a situation of debate?

The best part of debate is, it is done to share and exchange our thoughts among the community and the worst part is thoughts are only exchanged but not accepted.

I usually think that what is fun of the debate if no one is going to accept the views of other person. But the beautiful part of it is that debate is ended in the conclusion in which both the sides make some compromises which is some basic ethic of human life. We can have our own views and perception but we have to accept the common perspective of the society and have to make some compromises in life to adjust in people around us. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up our own perspective and lose our identity to adjust in people. Both have to work simultaneously to have one’s life smooth.

So if I ask whether you are ‘Theist’ or ‘Atheist’ ?

Could you reply in a single word? If yes, then really do you mean it in your life? The thing is you cannot deny the opinion of both type of communities. It always leaves us in a hypothetical situation where we are left with a debate only and it doesn’t make any sense unless it is a boring Sunday. 

Think of a similar situation like as a kid you have to listen and follow everything told by our parents which is considered as a measurement scale from disobedient to obedient child. 

As we move towards teenage we are taught to use our own brain and reason for things which doesn’t make any sense for you which is considered as a measurement scale from null to innovative teenager.

What if you reason with your parents? Will you be regarded as disobedient or innovative one? That always leaves us with a hypothetical situation where there is only one answer

 “Everyone has his own vision” 

But still we live in a society where one’s belief in God is measured by his lifestyle.

You need not to be dressed as a saint to show your devotion to God. 

India is the country with most religious places. (Sorry wrong to say many tourist places). Does it seems controversial? Yeah! Obviously but we have to accept that it is the sad reality of our most religious country. Rather than sparing some time from our daily routine life to devote some time for God we have got more interest to plan the trips to religious places and upload our fresh new profile picture on social media with #maatakebhakt . Yeah that is more important for us to show our devotion to God by visiting temples 1000 kms away from home however we may have never visited the temple in the street next to our home.

I don’t want to convey that we should not visit historical temples rather they tell us a lot about our great religious sages but my point is what is the sense of spending so much money for your visits and calling yourself a bhakt if you cannot help that poor hungry person who is sitting helplessly outside the temple.

Which religion teaches us to take fruits to temple and not offering to the one who really needs to survive?

A person need not to be dressed to show his devotion to God. There’s no sense of certifying yourself as ‘Theist’ if you need an astrologer to change your fortune. There’s no need of donating money to temples if you can’t help the person who needs the most. There’s no sense of teaching to abandon worldly things if you abuse the person who hits your car. There’s no need of spending money to spiritual places to attain devotion to God if you can’t spend on the study of a poor child who can change the fortune of his family. There’s no sense of teaching the path of humanity if you are inhumane to the speechless animals.

  • If this is a way to show yourself a ‘Theist’ then I am very glad to say that I am an ‘Atheist’

~Hargun Singh