There can’t be a better path to self improvement. Just accept with full sincerity that you lack few qualities. Then pray to Almighty for help. And everything starts to just happen. 


I have been able to locate the cracks. The cracks, if not filled and repaired,  expand and bring in more damage.


My tendencies and proclivities have been like a paasha (पाश), binding me yet keeping me free.  I have been happily unaware of my flaws, rather mind used to flaunt over them.   They are not one or two but many. 


1. My lack of interest in puja-paath, vrat-upvaas, temple going, sadhna, used to be a confident comment, “मुझसे नहीं होता ये सब. मन चंगा तो कठोती में गंगा”.  I never realised that its my ignorance laced with lazyness and other dormant tamsik pravritties.


2.  My inability to remain in regular touch with relatives used to get cloaked with my self notion that I am a better person.  I don’t indulge much in other’s affairs.


3. At home, my self-indulgences (we often consider them as our spiritual inclinations )  kept me aloof from what’s going on in my daughters’ mind.


4.  Our deep ignorances give us a feel of uniqueness.  This makes the shell of false confidence, difficult to crack.  Being different is seldom being perfect. 





(I shall fill the above gap points in due course).


As I began to realise my shortcomings, I started to chase good souls😊, wise minds, intelligent and kind people in my circle. And they have all been very cooperative. They include my childhood friend Radha, my college friend Amrit, my satsang friend, and last but not the least few of Swamiji’s devotees.  Noticeably, none is from my family and relatives. Such is the power of good company. 

My mind and my thoughts are getting reformed, rewired and redesigned.  All the old, rotten and flawed stuff is slowly getting cleaned, cleansed and cleared.  There is a lot, really a lot to be learnt, to be refreshed, to be put into practise.

All glories to Shri Hari🌹🌹


Hari bol ❤❤







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