Hello readers, today I will tell you some amazing facts which you have never heard.

  1. A village with no locks and doors may be the safest on Earth :-        The village of Shani Shingnapur is famous for not having a door or lock on a single house. Beyond that, there has not been a recording of a criminal act for almost 400 years. Many people think that the shared vulnerability has created a neighborly trust between the residents, which has formed a protection stronger than a deadbolt or heavy gate.
  2. The world’s largest sundial is located in India :-  The town of Jaipur is home to the largest sundial in the world, which is a towering 27 meters (90 feet) tall! If that’s not impressive enough, the sundial is constructed from beautiful polished stone to create a truly impressive work of architecture. The sundial has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every year, it attracts thousands of visitors, who come to witness the shadow moving at about six centimeters per minute.
  3. “Indian food” has become one of the most widespread cuisines in the world :- From London to New York City, Indian food has spread across the world and continues to gain popularity. Many argue that authentic flavor and spice is lost in many of the restaurants outside of India itself.
  4. India has the world’s second-largest population of English speakers (first is the United States), since most Indians speak their own regional language as well as English for easier communication.
  5. The Taj Mahal is slowly changing color :- Perhaps the most iconic landmark in India, the majestic white walls of the Taj Mahal are something almost every traveler dreams of seeing. However, due to pollution and contaminants in the air, the marble walls are slowly transforming from white into a yellow color.

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