I read this quote once, nodded my head in agreement too but didn’t think  much of it later. 2021 is unique for so many reasons, the unusual nature of events transpiring in 2020 have allot to do with that, and more so its not just a new year its a new decade altogether.

First Id like to share my journey with Om swami in this lifetime. Swami ji entered my life by one casual conversation with a friend who is a Prahamhansa Yogananda follower. He recommended that I should read this biography of a guy who is “recently enlightened”. I didn’t  think much of it but due to my love for reading I ordered a copy. And all of a sudden my life changed overnight! well that only happens in movies but what did happen is something shifted in me, something felt right. I had read about tons of spiritual masters before and have a lot of respect for them all but this time the words were resonating with me. Slowly post by post, book by book, swami ji kept making his place a permanent abode in my heart. I am not a devotee, my mind is far too analytical for that and yet when I went to the ashram(my only visit so far) I felt this strong urge to pay obeisance to him my touching his feet and cry my heart out. Part of me felt embarrassed for thinking this way as I have been conditioned to remain wary of “fake babas”. I couldn’t understand the overwhelming feeling. All I know is whatever tiny ounce of spirituality I have in me(if at all) is only because of his grace.

So In his name this time I am taking the plunge of set not year goals but decade goals, more like open-ended decade objectives. First this in goal setting is to prevent the urge to do and be everything, so I came up with 3 most important areas of my life(by first writing all possible things I want to do and then forcing myself to prioritize top three. This was the hardest step as there are tonns of things which I wanted to add but I know that would have diluted everything and diffused my efficiency.

This methodology is OKR(Objectives and Key results) practiced by Google to achieve its ambitious and aggressive goals. My objectives for the decade are:

Maintain physical health.

Meditation/Sadhana(XYZ hours of quality mediation by 2021).

Career growth(yet to be quantified).

Then come the key results which are yearly. Hardest thing is to not be overenthusiastic and make unreasonable goals and yet push ourselves just a little outside of current comfort zone. So far I have come up with only a few:

ABC hours of meditation.

Give Y interviews by April 15th, 2021.

X km running(tracked by Adidas running app).

Devote time for some service related activity.

More will be added, the idea of putting it out there is to keep accountability in a safe and beautiful place. Every member of osme of a part of my spiritual family and I cannot thank you guys enough for making it the warm and growth oriented place that it is.

Quantitative data is concealed as swamiji said in one video “once a plan is shared, it changes”. The idea is just to have measurable goals and for entire year, I commit to giving update as to whether or not I stuck to the plan.

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