Thank you Swamiji for saving me with minimal damage once again. Sastang Dandavat at your lotus feet.

On last Friday I did all my morning rituals and started for office on my Jupiter (2 wheeler). It rained the night before and road was not offering much friction. I started early and was driving not very fast. After about a kilometer from our house, I had an accident! One person driving on my left, suddenly took some right turn without indicator. In Hyderabad, it is very common. I exactly don’t remember what exactly happened. I might also be wrong from the other perspective also. I just cannot recall. I think that is why they are named as ‘accident’! I slammed the brakes, but the reaction time was not enough, neither was the road friction. It was a hit.

I came crashing down on my right side. The impact was such that the front right side guard rod of the vehicle held by 4 screws came off. My wrist watch swung away about 2 meters. The next moment I found laying on the middle of the road. But several conditions worked in my favor. all the readers and specially the Bachha Party are requested to pay attention to the next few points.

  1. I was wearing a pair of jeans. The thick cloth of the pant saved my legs from getting external injury. Though, I had a hit on my right thigh, I had no bloodshed from my legs well protected by my jeans and mind you they were not the jeans with holes (the trendy ones).
  2. I was wearing shoes. They saved my feet as I saw a sharp object piercing it to some extent. I was wearing a pair of Sketcher Shoes. It would have been better had I worn a pair of Safety Shoes. But had I been wearing a pair of chappals, it would have been worse as my feet came in contact with the silencer pipe of my vehicle.
  3. I was wearing a helmet with ISI mark which is a safe one as per Indian Standards. So please wear your helmet properly. Just don’t wear a cheap helmet to avoid fine from Traffic Police Cameras clicks. It is a very important safety gear. Later I saw a very deep cut mark and several scratches exactly on the mouth portion of the helmet. Had I not been wearing one, I think I would have lost a couple of teeth and profusely bleeding lips and gums.
  4. I was wearing a full sleeved shirt with folded sleeves. (I generally wear half sleeve shirts as they are comfortable to work). But that day, I was wearing a full sleeved shirt. The folding portion was just at my elbow position. I fell on my elbow with right hand taking the full impact. I had a deep cut just under the right elbow area. Blood was gushing out at full speed as the cut was created by a stone on the road. The portion from elbow to wrist was totally scratched as if it was scratched against a barbed wire mesh and blood started oozing out.

    Let me tell you the spiritual part of the incident now. When I drive I generally chant Gayatri Mantra in the mind. I was doing the same and as I fell down, just guess who came to my rescue? A Muslim Chacha Jaan’s boys, who has a sofa repairing shop nearby. The boys lifted my vehicle and parked it by the road side. Immediately, I was attended to by cleaning my wounds mixed with sand and mud with RO water which is used by them for drinking.

    A little boy gave me some water to drink. He collected my pen and watch which was lying on the road and handed it over to me. The Chacha Jaan was a kind fellow and gave a sofa to me to sit on. He inspected my injury, took a clean sponge and carefully pressed on the deep wound under the elbow and then tied a clean cloth over that to control the bleeding. After that, he read some verses of the Holy Quran and assured me that I was saved from a worse accident by Allah as a Cement Mixing truck was following me on the road.

    The Spiritual part is, no matter what religion one follows, faiths in the purest form are the true manifestation of humanity. The other part is I think from a long time, I have not bent properly before Dharti Mata or Vasudhya Mata for which Mata wanted me to kiss her lying flat in her laps!

    By the grace of Swamiji and my protective gears, I was saved from a greater disaster for which I am really grateful. May be had I gone any further, I could have greater danger lying ahead me, so my journey was cut short. One more thing is that I was in dire need of some physical rest as I had been working a lot for some time. May be it was divine play in action to provide me some rest with a justified reason for the same as I would not have taken off to take rest.

    I offer my gratitude to the universe and the divine for letting me go with some warning like a Yellow Card. I admit that I have been driving a little too fast for some time now as observed by many who have told me also. Thank you all for reading and Jai Shri Hari…

    The Featured Image: This was the Key Ring gifted to me by my wife Sanghamitra on my birth day this year which also has its own protecting power of true love. By the way, I should raise my bat, I mean pen or the keyboard (whatever) as I completed a half century of blogs on this forum. Thank you all for your love and support

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