Man made machines for his comfort and convenience, but the machines gave mechanization, speed and haste in his nature.

  •  For this reason, you can see it by standing on the side of a road for five to seven minutes.

 Every driver will be seen in the tune of getting ahead of the others. Even the traffic rules are not taken care of to get ahead. 

  • The result is that we hear and read about dozens of accidents happening on the roads every day.

 I saw one such accident happen with my own eyes. We three friends in a Maruti car from Amritsar.

  • We were going towards Jalandhar. In order to avoid any unpleasant incidents, we kept the speed of the car reasonably low and were going along the sides of the road. 

When we left Jandiala, a motorcycle came behind , blindly speeding. Two people were riding on bikes. 

  •  They tried to go ahead of us. We signaled them to go ahead but at the same time we saw a bus coming from the front side.

 Most of the motorcyclists stopped. After the bus left, they sped up again. 

  • At this time, a truck was coming towards us. The man driving the motorcycle wanted to get ahead of our car before approaching the truck, but he misjudged the distance of the truck.

 As soon as he was ahead of our car, the truck came head on and collided with the motorcycle. 

  • The motorcycle overturned and both riders fell on the road. We stopped the car immediately otherwise they would have come under our car.

 Due to the fall of the truck, both the passengers suffered a lot of injuries but thankfully, the injuries were not fatal. 

  • The truck also stopped a little ahead. We got out of the vehicle and lifted them with support.

 The motorcycle escaped damage. After a few moments, both of them recovered and started sitting on the motorcycle. Now their speed was very low. We also walked forward.

  • Please, it’s a request to all who rushes every time,we all have one life save it and use it wisely .

Thank you 🌸🌺