Dear friends,we are going through an unprecedented crisis brought about by the global pandemic on our planet and particularly here in India. I myself am a doctor working on the frontline, engaged in active covid duties, risking my life like countless other doctors throughout the country. It breaks my heart to see the patients struggle to breath, clawing onto life and the pain in the tears of people who have lost their near and dear ones to Covid 19 due to lack of oxygen. News about the scarcity of oxygen and essential medicine and vaccines leading to the death of people saddens one’s heart.

Friends — to all those families who are suffering from this pandemic… there is a solution. Its been available to us all along, it just that we haven’t been aware of this. And this solution is based on faith, not on drugs like Oxygen, anti-viral drugs and vaccines which are all anyway unavailable to us now. This method is by chanting an ancient hymn called the Lalitha Sahasranamam, originally seen in Lalitopakhyana Of Brahmananda Purana.

I am a regular reader of the Lalitha Sahasranamam (which translates as the hymn of the thousand names of the Goddess Lalitha ), which I have been chanting for over a decade for spiritual fulfillment.

Years back, I read the phalasruthi of this hymn, which details as to what happens to the person who reads this hymn regularly with devotion. That this hymn has so many practical applications (prayogs) as given in the phalasruthi section given in the Brahmandapuranam was something I had read and then forgot. I just continued to read just the hymn section with devotion for the next decade.

Amidst all this crisis…searching on the internet, I again chanced upon the phalasruthi section of this hymn. Re-reading the phalasruthi recently, it gave me an eureka moment- AN ANCIENT METHOD TO CURE AND PREVENT ALL FEVERS( COVID-19!!) — available in the ancient wisdom of our forefathers.

Now, in Hinduism, the Sahasranamas are hymns in praise of a diety . These hymns are available for various dieties also like Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh etc. We will be examining the Sahasranamam dedicated to the diety known as Lalitha Mahatripurasundari.

Before I mention the practical application, a short backstory to who is Goddess Lalitha,as this form of the Goddess isn’t well known in North India. The Goddess, Lalitha Mahatripurasundari (meaning the most beautiful in all the three worlds) is the Supreme God of the Hindu pantheon above even the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. She is the Universal Mother and mother to all in the Universe. She has created every being in this world, from the humble earthworm to Brahma the Creator, Himself. She is the provider of energy to the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, so that they could perform their functions of Creation, Protection and Destruction of the universe, respectively. Without Her energy or shakthi, Siva is said to be Sva or shava — equivalent to a dead body, incapable of movement of even His little finger. The wives of the trinity, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvathy are forms of Herself.
Mother goddess lalitha

She is depicted as seated on an unusual throne, the stools or legs of the throne are shown to be Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Ishana and Sadasiva (the last three being forms Lord Shiva). She is seen as being seated on Lord Shiva Himself on the throne. Lakshmi and Saraswati are seen flanking Her, fanning the Devi. The picture itself explains who rules the gods of the Hindu pantheon, the Empress Herself, also known as Raja-rajeshwari, Lalitha Tripurasundari.
Devi on her throne

It was Her form that vanquished the greatest Demon or asura in the Hindu puranas, Bhandasura the Bull Demon, who had acquired the boon from Shiva Himself that no man or God could beat him in combat. His tyranny after conquering all the 3 worlds threatened to destroy the universe itself. Devi as Lalitha fought Bhandasura and his armies with her own army. During the war that ensued, which lasted 9 days and nights against Bhandasura, She summoned Her daughter Bala Tripurasundari to vanquish Bhandasuras sons in battle and She summoned Her son Mahaganapathi to destroy the magical obstacles employed by Bhandasura which were preventing Her armies from defeating Bhandasuras army. As per the hymn, so great was Her command over all the gods, She invoked all ten avatars of Vishnu, which sprang up from Her 10 fingernails and they proceeded to flatten bhandasuras forces completely. Armed with the greatest weapons in all the 3 world’s (the Mahapashupataastra and the Kameswarastra) She defeated Bhandasura on the 10th day.
Killing bhandasura

Other verses from the hymn proclaim that when She blinks and closes Her eyes, countless worlds are destroyed and when She opens Her eyes, countless worlds are born. It is said that chanting once, one name of Shiva (Om Nama Shivaaya) gives benefits to the devotee equivalent to chanting Lord Vishnus name(Om Namo Narayana) one thousand times. But chanting just once, a name of Lalitha Devi will give benefits to the devotee equivalent to chanting Lord Shivas name one thousand million times. I’m not making this up. These are the exact words as given in the scriptures. I hope from this brief depiction that you understand the Greatness of the Goddess Lalitha and Her place in the Hindu pantheon.
These thousand names of the hymn are not of human origin, and are said to have been expounded to the sage Agastya by an avatar of Vishnu(the protector of the universe) called Hayagriva.

Usually the Sahasranamam starts with an invoking chant which is followed by the 1000 names in praise of the Goddess. This is then followed by the “phalasruthi” of the hymns which details the effects of reading these 1000 names with devotion. But the phalasruthi need not be read in daily prayers, just the 1000 names are needed.

Reading the phalasruthi again recently , I came upon something which I found highly intriguing as a doctor and hugely relevant for the covid scenario in the country right now. The verse goes like this — “Jwarartha shiirasimsprushtwa paden nama sahasrakam,
Thath kshnaath yaathi shiraamsthadho jwaropi” which translates as — He who has fever, if he touches his head and chants the thousand names,
At that moment the fever would descend away from the head and vanish.” Now I know this verse hasnt specifically said covid. But it is my understanding that it refers to all fevers of the past, the present and all fevers which may come in the future. This prayog or application will work on all fevers of any cause.
Another verse — “Sarva vyadhi nivruthyartha sprushtwa bhasma japedhidham, Thad bhasma dharanadeva nasyanthi”. This translates literally into “For getting rid of diseases touch holy ash and chant the thousand names,
And by wearing that ash all diseases would immediately be cured.”

Now, does this work? Does chanting this hymn while touching holy ash and then applying this ash on our forehead or the foreheads of our loved ones banish the fever? From my own personal experience, yes it has!!

I had left my wife and daughter at her parents house as I didn’t want them to be exposed to me during my covid duties. But just last week, her brother, himself a doctor, developed fever and tested positive for covid 19. Since then, everyone else in the house turned in to primary contacts and were quarantined. Knowing how virulent the new strain of Covid was, I was fearful for my wife and child as they had interacted closely not only with my brother in law but also his two kids and his wife in the days before he turned covid positive. I advised my wife to read the Lalitha Sahasranamam, touching holy ash and apply it on herself and the baby. After the quarantine period everyone apart from my wife and baby and her own mom, tested positive for covid 19. I see it as a minor miracle. I had previously experimented with this application of the Sahasranamam around 5 yrs back, for my uncle who at the time had just undergone brain surgery and post surgery he was having unexplained fever for 3 straight days which wasn’t resolving despite antibiotics and anti fever medications . Before visiting him at hospital, I did the same process — touching the ash and chanting the hymn with devotion. When I visited him, he was not conscious and running a high fever. I left after applying the ash to his forehead. Next day, his wife called me saying his fever had abated and now he’s sitting up talking a little to everyone. He is now fully recovered and leading an active life.

Now, as I am a doctor, I am a man of science and I am not generally swayed easily by hearsay and superstition . But I believe in my own personal experience and I believe that this application of the Lalitha Sahasranamam works to reduce fevers. It may probably also lessen the chances of the post covid complications that are now seen in people who have recovered from the disease. The hymn basically has practical applications for most of life’s problems, be it poverty, infertility, disease, inability to attract a person for marriage, problems due to astrology (Shani doshas, etc)- basically any problem that a human may face by being born in this world, the Lalitha Sahasranamam has an answer and a practical solution to it, as mentioned in its phalasruthi.

My advice to the thousands of people infected in North India and other states — I understand how worried you are about your family members and relatives who are sick and are awaiting for oxygen to relieve them from symptoms. We are in a helpless state right now. Even treating doctors who contract the disease are not getting oxygen supply so that they can recover from the disease. I know that you are praying hard for your loved ones. When there are no oxygen beds available and no oxygen left to treat our loved ones, all we can do is pray now. I advise all of you in distress to kindly invite the Lalitha Sahasranamam into your lives. It is freely available on the internet in multiple languages including English hindi, kannadda, marathi malayalam,-every known Indian language. Read this hymn in devotion to Lalitha Devi. It takes only half an hour.IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO READ, KINDLY ATLEAST PLAY THE LALITHA SAHASRANAMAM ON YOUTUBE BY Your LOVED ONES BEDSIDE. IT IS AVAILABLE ON YouTube. Here is the link —

Listen to it with devotion. Best time to listen or read is early morning but anytime of day will do. If you can take the effort to read, that is best. It’s OK if you don’t understand what the meanings of the verses are, for now. The meanings are freely available online for those who are interested.

In your mind, read with the attitude that all that you and your loved ones need to survive the disease is just a merciful glance from Her eyes. Her grace is all your family needs to overcome the dreaded symptoms from covid. Don’t think of anything else, no demands, nothing else while reading the hymns. Read with devotion but don’t be demanding of Devi in your mind to give you money or oxygen beds etc. Your only demand to Devi should be to please just glance at your family with Her merciful eyes. Such a glance from Her will give you the grace by which your loved one can survive not only from covid but any problem you are currently facing. She will provide you with what She feels that you need most in your life right now . It is my firm conviction that you will see a miracle in the coming days if you read this hymn with devotion while touching holy ash or vibhuthi . Then, after reading the Sahasranamam, apply this ash on your loved ones forehead. Either the symptoms will subside or somehow your loved one may get the much needed oxygen. Read the hymns with devotion( or atleast play the Lalitha Sahasranamam at home and listen to it with devotion) and leave everything else in Mothers hands . She is the Universal Mother. You know how mothers are. When Her child cries out for help, no Mother can sit still, She will rush to Her child’s aid and relief . Believe in Her, your Mother . Read the Lalitha Sahasranamam.

My advice for people who are uninfected with covid 19 yet — to prevent yourself from being infected with covid 19, wash your hands, wear masks, maintain your covid protocol s and to give yourself the greatest protection available in all the three worlds, you should start reading (or at least listening) the Lalitha Sahasranamam daily while touching the holy ash. Apply the ash to your’s and your loved ones foreheads after reading the Sahasranamam . This will protect you from covid or at the very least, if you contract covid, it will just pass with mild symptoms. I hope this will help our country get over the pandemic.

Link for Lalitha Sahasranamam –

I implore everyone, from all religions and people not only from India but from all over the world to read or just listen to the Lalitha Sahasranamam and witness the positive change that it brings to everyones lives.This will help the planet to get over this global pandemic.
I thank you, Mother, for providing me with the inspiration to write this article. I am but a humble instrument in Your hands, doing whatever you bid me to do. I hope all who read this are blessed by You, O Mother.

Om Shri Maathrey Namaha.

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