Respected Swamiji, please accept my Sastang Dandavat at your lotus feet. First of all my heartfelt gratitude for another featured post publication on Truly speaking, I was feeling a bit low today over the Russia-Ukraine crisis and its probable fall outs on all our lives in terms of increased fuel prices leading to economic disruptions, higher cost push inflation and array of effects etc. But the moment I saw the message “Congratulations! Your post has been featured on“, I felt a sigh of relief and got a bit stabilized. I assume it as a sign of your immense blessings on all of us; more so on my family! I would also take the opportunity to offer my gratitude to ‘The pragmatic Editorial team’ for the honor.

I have been deeply studying your last blog on ‘Attachments’. I am not able to conclude what to write as comment. Then I thought that I should write a blog as my opinion and answer to your questionnaire of degree of priority which was up for voting. I humbly submit the following.

I am full of attachments. Yes, I admit. I am a Grihasth. So I am attached to my ‘Family’. I want my family to enjoy the luxuries of life as much as possible. For that I need ‘Wealth’. So I am also attached to wealth. I want to earn more and more and more… To earn more, I have to give importance to my ‘Work’. I have to do some work which pays me handsomely. So I am attached to work via wealth which is required for me and my family. Now if I progress up in the ladder of position in my work, then only I will be able to earn more. To excel in Work / Work place, I need to have a good ‘reputation’ (whether real or fake does not matter!) in the eyes of my Appraiser  / Reporting Officer. Hence, I am attached to ‘Reputation’ also. The whole cycle is like I have a Family => I have to earn money => I have to work => I have to have a good ‘reputation’ to get promoted. So I am attached to all the options given by you. And I believe that, this is true for most of us. (Esteemed Readers, do you agree with the logic? Plz comment your honest views.)

But as you said, we are all doing this for our families. But how much ‘quality time’ do we spend with our family? Our priorities keep on changing depending on the circumstances known as ‘Maya’. As you told ‘Nothing is permanent’, we listen it as a pravachan and it sounds good when we are in a good mood / good phase of life. But when we are in troubled waters, we do not follow the saying and keep twisting our requirements and priorities.

Your statement goes – “As long as there is silver between you and your soul,” Mahavira continued, “you cannot see through the illusory nature of samsara. This silver is ignorance. This silver is attachment. It’s the veil on your consciousness that prevents you from seeing, acting and remembering the truth which can have many aspects.”

We are trying to wipe out the silver behind the glass, but someway we are loosing steam and again the ‘silver’ starts reappearing. We understand that continuous efforts are required to remove the silver completely, but again fail in the trap.

I am very much hopeful that, your physical Darshan with LASER sharp eye beams filled with the entire spectrum of energy, will do some wonder in evaporating the silver to a good extent creating a degree of requisite detachment.

But before that my boss has already made me do the commitment that I will return from your Ashram and join office😉😉😉!

Your Charanashrit… Jai Shri Hari

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