As you have seen the first part of ”  An Engaging  Tale of Mind’s Extremities ” Where there were two sons of mullah nasrudin,one was optimistic and other was pessimistic .They both were very different and opposite to each other …. In the chapter of life we all are like them .People are of a pessimistic temperament whose job is to only cry, do whatever, say anything they have to cry,  they have to complain,  they have to be sad.  

Some people are like this, they are so optimistic, more than what is necessary their entire condition would be bad but still, their lamps of desires and wishes keep burning. 

Oh,  no problem!  

Now that i have come from there… 


So- and -so temple , I have prayed ( asked for something) there many of my wishes be fulfilled,  everybody’s wish is fulfilled,  so will be mine .

I will win the lottery. 

My house will become better by this wish,  that wish will be fulfilled,  everything will become good .

For all of it to become good , what mantra and austerities should I practice??  

They find some or the other priest 

seek some solution from the priest,  what solution shall be sought?  

Remember that there is no solution to foolishness  “wish it existed “

But,  neither there’s any treatment for foolishness nor does foolishness have a solution. 

Foolishness can only be eradicated through gyana [ The Higher Wisdom ] .

Do not stay foolish,  don’t be stressed.

 The one who runs the whole universe will run your life as well. 

Author – Luv Sarpal 

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